Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tie Breaker

It was a dead even tie on last week's holiday poll between going to see fireworks & shooting your own. So... I'll be the tie breaker. And the winner is... drum roll....

STAYING HOME!!! Here baby #1 twirls a July 4th classic... The Sparkler.

Here Baby #3 'bout gives Uncle J. a heart attack when he lights his sparkler right next to the Firework Station.

So, Baby #3 runs off pretending like the fire is coming out of his pooper. What is it about boys & their butts, poo & gas? They think it's the funniest thing EVER!

Uncle J. was the "Official Firestarter."

Waiting for the boom...


Actually, they were quite impressive for home shot fireworks. Of course, Big Daddy T enjoys riding over to Alabama & spending enough money to buy groceries for a month on fireworks.

Of course it's impossible for Baby #3 to stay dressed for any decent amount of time & before the show is over, he's down to just his shorts... his motto... borrowing from Kenny Chesney:
"no shoes, no shirt, no problem!"

Were you wondering where Babies 2 & 4 were? They were watching the activity from the back porch. Baby #2 is afraid of just about everything except kittens & ice cream and Baby #4 was too little to participate. Besides, she was too busy remembering those oh-so-delicious baked beans she discovered at supper. See 'em smeared all over her dress? I think she's going to like American food!

And here's what I was left with... my very pretty beverage cooler from Target filled with trash. Hope y'all had a Happy & SAFE 4th!!!