Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sergeant SuperMom
We got a HUGE surprise phone call this week from our dear friend "Sergeant SuperMom" who was one of our nearest & dearest friends during our 5 years living in South Florida. Sergeant SuperMom got her name for many reasons:

  1. She's a total stud... she graduated from West Point Military Academy. While I was running around the sorority house with a grosgrain ribbon in my hair at a state school, this she woman was working her butt off earning a degree from one of the toughest universities in the country... not only to get into, but to graduate from.

  2. She then went to Ranger School & jumped out of airplanes. I am nervous to ride "Goliath" at Six Flags and this girl used to JUMP OUT OF PLANES! Whew!

  3. She had 5 kids... yes, 5 in just over 5 years. AND her husband is a football coach for one of the top programs in the state of Florida & so she's a football "widow" from August through the championships in December. Remember... she has 5 children... boom! boom! boom!

  4. She's one of the most disciplined & organized people I know. All weekend I was like "O.K... you tell your daughter to clean her room & she cries and complains... what should I do?" I asked her for advice on dozens of parenting topics. She runs her house like the barracks... lots of fun, but no funny business allowed!

  5. The United States government trusts her enough to give her "TS" (a.k.a "Top Secret") Clearance for us civilians.) My husband barely trusts me with a checkbook and this gal has the trust of the US military with stuff "if I tell you, I'll have to kill you!" Wow.

So, Sergeant SuperMom calls to say she's in Atlanta for two weeks of active duty at Fort McPhearson & could we get together this weekend? YES! So she drove down yesterday and stay overnight. You know you have a FOREVER FRIEND when you don't see each other for 3 years and you pick up right where you left off! Last night I was getting onto Baby #3 for interrupting me while I was talking to Sgt. SuperMom and by today I was like... "That's not really fair 'cause we've been talking NON-STOP since last night... he hasn't had a chance to get a moment alone without interrupting!"

For being a stud she's a tiny little thing isn't she? Or am I freakishly big?

She called me a sissy for only having 4 kids! Of course, I'm kidding. But she was happy Hillbilly Baby and his affection for not wearing proper clothing attire moved away from her kids. "Bad company corrupts good morals!" Kidding again... she loves my guys!