Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Running for Cover

Last night I had about an hour to kill before it was time to put Miss Lilly to bed. The big kiddos & some friends were in the pool so I decided to put Lilly in too. I also decided not to get in myself, but to sit next to the pool in an old, rickety, broken down Pottery Barn chair... but that's beside the point. So, like a authentic Georgia redneck I stripped Lilly Lu down to her diaper and plopped her in her red crab float with her big sisters babysitting & pulling her around. I sat down to enjoy watching my new baby girl play with my big baby girls.

"Ouch!" "Slap!" "Scratch!"

Before long I remembered why it's almost impossible to sit outside in Georgia in the summer. Those dad blasted no-see-ums are back. For those of you not lucky enough to experience these little summertime spoilers, no-see-ums are teenie, tiny black mosquite type creatures that make you itch like CRAZY! Only the females bite and though the bite itself doesn't hurt... the itching that ensues is of the likes I've never seen. So, after scratching with my sad, short fingernails for several minutes and trying to tolerate the infestation from the rickety, broken down chair I decided to move around. I started prunning my cascade rose bushes... hoping the movement would be either a.) a distraction from the onslaught or b.) get me away from where they live. No-see-ums generally don't fly far from home & sometimes changing your location will make things better. But, alas it didn't. So I went inside. Inside to get my hair brush... with which I scratched myself. I'd prune a little... scratch a little... prune a little... scratch a little... until I could stand the torture no longer... grabbed my baby out of the pool & ran inside for good. I'll come back out in the fall.