Friday, July 4, 2008

It's Independence Day!

I will have WAY too many pictures to share from today's Fourth of July festivities later on. It's tradition to spend the day at my parents... 'cause they live on the lake... no- I mean 'cause we love them so much! This morning I'm going to revise my Mother's oh-so-good chocolate pie recipe 'cause I've been hearing from folks who are giving it a try & seems I may not have done a great job passing along the directions... just in case you need a last minute dessert for YOUR July 4th cookout... but you better hurry... it needs time to freeze.
Sharoney's Chocolate Pie... Take 2
1 8 oz. block of cream cheese... softened
1 can Eagle Brand Milk
Put cream cheese in a mixing bowl and mix with mixer until smooth & creamy. Add Eagle Brand Milk and mix some more.
2 squares (the entire square wrapped in white paper) Baker's Semi-Sweet Chocolate
Melt the squares in a small bowl in the microwave... who has time to do it over a double boiler? Add the chocolate sauce to the cream cheese mixture. Mix thoroughly.
1 regular size container of Cool Whip... thawed
Add cool whip to the chocolate cream cheese mixture and mix thoroughly again. The pie filling should be smooth & creamy & VERY delicious... try not to eat too much from the bowl like I do.
Oreo or Chocolate crumb pie crust... store bought... I'm WAY too lazy to make my own.
Pour mixture into the Oreo pie crust... return plastic cover and FREEZE for 8 hours. I like mine a little softer... Big Daddy T likes it VERY frozen... so freeze until desired firmness.