Monday, July 7, 2008

Free Babysitter
O.K. friends... I'm going to give you a tip on how to keep your kiddos busy this summer while you enjoy adult conversation without them AND this babysitter will also tire your little lovebugs out so when you take them home they're totally pooped & ready for bed. So... here's what you do:
  1. Find someone who lives on the lake and crash their dock party like we did at my parent's house on the Fourth of July.
  2. Get a tube used for tubing behind a boat or jet ski.
  3. Put lifejackets on your kiddos because the lake scares me to death & you want to make sure when they fall in they won't go or stay under for long.
  4. Tie the ski rope to the dock so the kiddos can pull the tube in to the dock. They also can use it to yank the tube out from under each other & 'cause them to fall, resulting in squeals of laughter!

So... allow our family to demostrate.

Baby #3 will start us off. They begin to try to stand up on the tube.

Lookin' good...


Uh oh... somebody's getting a little big for his wet britches... better keep focused on your balance!


Good try buddy, good try! On to Baby #2

What is it with my kids flashing me the "I love you" sign? I don't think they really love me... the little punks are confused and really meaning to sign "Rock On!!! I'm cool!

Here she goes...

And another one bites the dust!

Let's see if my oldest & most experienced water baby can rise to the challenge of the tube!

No... she also falls victim to the wobbly powers of the tube.

Now have your kiddos do exactly what you've just witnessed over & over again. They'll love it... and you'll love the fact that they're busy and active. But... beware... if you break out your camera once... yes, one teenie, tiny time they'll then be busy screaming:
"MOM! MOM! MOM! Take my picture! LOOK! MOM! Are you looking? MOM! MOM! MOM! You're not LOOKING!!! MOM! LOOK! Get your camera and TAKE MY PICTURE!!! Did you take it? MOM!