Tuesday, July 1, 2008

China Trip Tuesdays

Welcome to a new segment here on the blog... China Trip Tuesdays. So much happened during our 16 day stay in China and it's taking me so long to go through all my pictures, that I thought I'd begin a weekly segment focusing on different parts of the adoption trip to help me go through it all. Today, we'll see THE RED COUCH PHOTOS! The Red Couch is just that... a red couch in The White Swan hotel that is a traditional photo spot for adopted children. As a waiting parent I was under the illusion that there was 1 Red Couch... a special and specific Red Couch. Come to find out... there are lots of red couches on the 2nd floor lobby of the WS Hotel and you & your group just pick one. With a large group of babies (18 total) to coordinate it was a hoot to watch... for the parents at least. From the look on some of the babies faces... they weren't having as much fun. Here we go...

Here our families are arriving on the second floor lobby. I have pointed out all the numerous red couches just within this shot. There are more.

A red couch has been selected and the parents begin arranging the wobbly infants and cautious toddlers side by side on the couch.

Good... good... now here's a few more to squeeze in.

Nope... that's not going to work. Regroup & rearrange.

O.K... Red Couch Photo "Take 2."

Almost there... we're lookin' good! No one appears to be in total hysterics!

And here's our best shot- (do I sound like Tyra on "America's Next Top Model?" Our best shot minus 1... there should be 18... don't know how they missed the famous photo. I love this picture because it's Lilly's girls. The girls, though she'll never know them, that shared her journey into a new life in a new world. I'll never forget these sweet families... they were a great encouragement... and fun to get to know. It's been really neat to look back through the pictures at these familiar faces that I only knew for a couple weeks. I kinda miss 'em and I do wish we lived closer to see them often... they're all Yankees! hee hee

Whew! Fun's over... we're outta here! Another Red Couch Photo for The White Swan's history books!