Monday, July 21, 2008

Camp Summertime
(This post will make my Mother's skin crawl. My Dad will wonder where he went wrong. And Big Daddy T thinks I'm ridiculous. )
The summer is quickly slipping away here in way-too-hot Georgia and that means before long we'll have to close down Camp Summertime to get ready to go "Back-to-School." I am a single mom most of the work week while Big Daddy T is in Hotlanta chasing his entrepreneurial dreams. Instead of all my kiddos piling in my bed while Daddy's away, I established Camp Summertime. You see, I gave birth to 3 little nighttime scaredy cats. When the sun goes down the jitters rise up. Heck, I remember being nervous at night when I was a kid. And I suppose if I were honest, where the kids sleep at night... specifically in their own assigned beds... is not a battle I care to fight. As long as they get sound, restful sleep... especially in the summertime when we tend to live life a little freer... I'm happy. So, I started in my big girls room, which they share, with a twin bed for each. Then I rounded up all the extra comforters from over the years and made 2 very soft... very thick pallets on the floor. Little Lilly Lu is in her crib across the hall... I'm not that nuts... and with the 2 beds & 2 pallets... all 4 of us can sleep in the same room. No nighttime jitters, no scary dreams, the kiddos get better sleep which means I get better sleep. I get 1 bed... again, I'm not that nuts... and would you believe the 3 fight over the pallets instead of the other bed? We have had such great summertime slumbers all cozy & cool in the room together... I'm actually going to miss Camp Sumemrtime when we get back in the school routine.