Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What's Goin' On

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is why we have to stay in China so long. It will total 16 days by the time we make it back to Georgia. We spent 3 days in Beijing... from time arriving to leaving... and the main purpose there was simply to sitesee. That was optional... we could've skipped it. But the experience of The Great Wall & The Forbidden City and really, 3 days to adjust to new timing & geography was nice. Day 4 we received Lilly and the next 3 days we remain here in her Province completing the CHINESE side of the adoption. It was really just one morning of paperwork... and then 2.5 days of waiting for her Chinese passport. Here's how that morning went down:

We arrived at the Jiangxi Center of Adoption Services (I apologize for the bad photo... The Money Maker is not obviously not "The Picture Taker.") This is where we finalize the Chinese part of the adoption.

You go from room to room in this main hallway.

See how the hallway soon becomes crowded with families. There were also other families from other agencies there... it was crazy... we ran into a family from Tennessee who sat in front of us on the plane ride from D.C. to Beijing!

Here's The Money Maker paying the money... $4100.00 in clean, new US $100 bills. They count it very carefully... several times.

Then we go and talk to a lady. She "interviews" us... asking if we like the baby... do we have other children... why we wanted to adopt... and then we sign the adoption papers.

Then it's off to the Nanchang Police Department to get Lilly's passport picture taken.

Lastly, we wait again at a Notary's office to get Lilly's documents notarized. Here she chats it up with her new friend Addie from Ohio.

We answer more questions from the Notary... do we like her, etc. You see our guide Chen translating for us. Chen is AWESOME... what would we do without her? She moved that process along so fast... 14 families in & out like clockwork. And she does it all for $45.00 a day. And we all went back to the hotel & crashed!
Rainy, Rough Day

Well, I suppose you could say the honeymoon is kinda over. She is doing some things better (eating & pooping) but Miss Lilly had a rough night last night & has a bad cold. Her nose is running like a river and last night she woke up whining about every 45 - 90 minutes... same thing with her naps today. She still goes to sleep quickly... but staying sound asleep is another story. I'm hoping it's the cold. Plus, it rained all day here in Nanchang and that meant finding something to do all day with a baby INSIDE a hotel. If you've never tried it... it's NOT fun. We're hoping to explore tomorrow... rain or shine! I'm VERY tired but wanted to post some new pictures... she's so darn cute it's hard not to snap them every few minutes! More details later.

Finally getting used to the bath tub!

Playing with sister

Riding on the bus with Daddy

Happy Girl

Night, Night Baby Lilly

Tuesday, May 27, 2008 have to re-watch the video below....Todd mistakenly posted the wrong video last night...he posted the draft version he had been working on....but this morning discovered it and re-posted the correct one. If you have already watched the other, watch the one is better and has the audio mixed in with the live video.
First Full Day

As y'all are waking up the the States... ready to start your Tuesday... we're getting ready for bed. We've had our first full day with Lilly Lu and I would CERTAINLY say it's been a success. She is THE CUTEST baby... big, shiny brown eyes... we get comments from everyone about her eyes. She goes to sleep like a champ... is eating well... and we're just waiting for poop. She has yet to poop and it's driving me crazy. All healthy babies poop... every day. She started with a runny nose today and sneezing. "Dr. Jerry" is our trip's pediatrician. He is WONDERFUL! A pediatric infectious disease specialist, Dr. Jerry Nasenbeny has worked with children in Haiti, Central America and now Eskimo in Alaska. This is his 8th adoption trip to China as group pediatrician. He's so down-to-earth... sweet with the kids and looks like a skinny Santa Claus... a white beard & glasses. I'm 'bout ready to take him home with us. He's been attentive and kind... giving each of the babies a thorough 30 minute examination yesterday and being "on-call" all day today. We'll have him with us through the weekend. What a blessing!

Let's talk a little about Nanchang. One thing about China that Todd & I say shouldn't be a surprise... but is... is the fact that there are people EVERYWHERE. People on the streets ALL DAY LONG! They ride bikes, they ride scooters, they drive cars, they take buses, they walk... and they're everywhere. Second, the traffic is INSANE! You would not believe it unless you saw it for yourself. How there are not 1,000 fatalities a day is beyond me. It's no rules traffic... cars, bikes, taxis, buses, pedestrians... all dodging and swerving and stopping and starting... it's unbelievable. Third, China is SO CLEAN! There is no trash. There are always people sweeping sidewalks and emptying trash cans. The cities are pretty too. Flowers line the street medians and traffic corners... petunias, geraniums... all very colorful & manicured. There are some funky smells from time to time... but the cities are CLEAN!

Today we had a busy morning. The adoption was finalized here in Jiangxi province, we paid our money (whew... I was ready to get rid of all that cash... too nervewracking) and then we went to the Nanchang police department and applied for her Chinese passport. Now I'm understanding more why we're here so long. We are waiting for her passport to come in so we can leave the country with her. Then we'll leave here on Friday and travel to Guangzhou to complete the American side of the adoption.

I'll leave you today/tonight with Todd's video. It contains pictures and live video footage of the first moments we got to meet Lilly on Monday morning. It's his latest obsession... personal video director extrodinairre! Lilly's asleep and like all new mom's I better sleep while she's sleeping... right? More later... and it's interesting... a trip to Chinese Wal-Mart!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Gotcha Day
We don't have a lot of time this morning to write and Todd's been working on a fancy video of the whole morning... but I wanted to post some pictures until we were able to upload that. Lilly Lu is adjusting well... she slept awesome last night and is in for a busy morning of paperwork. Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement... I promise to write more details later.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


O.K… we’re on the flight from Beijing to Nanchang and I finally have some time and I am awake enough to write more about our trip. We flew Atlanta to D.C. to Beijing via United Airlines and had a good trip. The worst experience so far was that the Atlanta security dude took my Neutrogena Face Scrub that I love and want to marry!!! He confiscated it in security… it was over 3 ounces. It’s not liquid… it’s soap… thick, scrubby, amazing, wonderful, soap. And now I’m a pizza face ‘cause I haven’t had it in 3 days. I’m still fuming! Anyhoo- it was amazing because we flew backwards… going up and over the North Pole… it never got dark. So we woke up on Thursday morning and it didn’t get dark for us for 36 hours when night fell in Beijing. We arrived about 2:00 in the afternoon Beijing time… which was about 2:00 a.m. Atlanta time. Our guide Chen Chen (she’s an amazing Mother Hen… hasn’t left us alone for a second) met us right outside baggage claim and took us to the hotel. Then she showed us a local grocery store where we picked up some bottled water and Coke “Lights” and she also showed us a local restaurant with English on the menu. It’s amazing how much in Beijing is in English. I suppose it may be in preparation for the Olympics… but so far it’s been very easy to find our way around and understand directions because almost all signs have English as well as Chinese. We were so tired and decided to just eat at the hotel restaurant the first night… not having the strength to go out and be brave. The majority of our group was flying in from Boston and Chen Chen had to return to the airport to pick them up. The beds in Chinese hotels are notoriously hard…. and they have lived up to their reputation. But I was exhausted enough not to care. They had run of rooms and upgraded us to a suite… which was sweet. A big bedroom… a living room and 1 ½ baths. The master bath was huge… marble… big walk in glass shower and a deep tub. We’ve been good about keeping the water out of our nose & mouth while showering and using bottled water to brush our teeth. Bottled water, soft drinks, juices and even canned coffee are everywhere. Whether at the hotel, in restaurants or The Great Wall… we have never had a hard time finding bottled drinks. Now… not that they’re always cold. Chinese cold & American cold must be different. American cold is icy. Chinese cold is cool. And NO ICE. How many times in the last 3 days would I have killed for a icy Cherry Limeade from Sonic??? The next morning we met the rest of our group. We have met some really, really nice families. Each is a little different from the next… most from the Northeast… but all very friendly. The best meal of the day is breakfast. They have many American choices such as toast with jelly, an omlet station and bacon, along with many traditional Chinese selections like fried rice, sautéed vegetables and dim sum. Todd and Carli have been able to drink the orange and apple juice each morning without any problems… I’m not as brave and am sticking with my Coke Light. Today I had buttered toast with honey… I love honey. I ate 3 pieces… gotta stock up on the carbs with the way we’ve been moving. I did not imagine the trip to be so busy. Day 2 in Beijing was the trip to The Great Wall… which I wrote about briefly yesterday. Whew… by the time we left there everyone was very tired. Poor Chen Chen was trying her best to keep us awake by talking to us over the bus PA system… but many of us could not resist the cool air conditioned bumpy ride lulling us to take a quick nap. After The Chinese Acrobat show we finally headed back to the hotel and dinner. Dinner was bad. Really bad. Group dinners have been all the same in style. Big round tables with big round lazy susans in the middle. Cold appetizers, hot tea, rice and a variety of hot dishes are served family style. They provide chop sticks and western silverware. Last night’s dinner must have been sitting out for 30 minutes… it was stone cold. Blech! They did bring out small bowls of warm rice… I loaded it with soy sauce and gulped it down. On the way back to our room we spent 12 dollars on 3 tiny (way smaller than a pint) Hagen Daas ice creams… they were heavenly! Hot showers feel good after these long, hot days… and the hard beds are a welcome end to the busy day. Todd has been actually setting his alarm to get up in the middle of the Chinese night so he can make phone calls and send emails to the US that are work related. As a result, he’s finding it hard to fall back asleep after working an hour or two. Yesterday he was mighty crabby, but he’s much better today. Thank you Lord! This morning we had to have our luggage outside our room by 8:30 to fly to Nanchang this afternoon. Before leaving for the day we called home again. We are using a service called Skype… it’s voice over IP technology. Todd bought $10.00 worth of time which is approximately 4 hours worth of International phone calls. AMAZING! We’ve been able to talk to Babies 2 & 3, as well as my mom & sister in from Ft. Lauderdale to babysit. My Baby Boy was sad today… saying he wished he could “see me” and telling me he’s been looking at pictures of us together. Breaks my heart. I love that boy. I miss him. I miss kissing him and hearing him talk non-stop and hugging my neck with his chubby little hands. I miss snuggling with him at night and watching him wake up in the morning. What is it about mothers & sons? It’s indescribable. I love my girlies… but there’s something unique about how I feel about my boy. This would be a hard trip for him… it’s hot. It’s busy. It’s crowded. But, it’s a long 2 weeks being without him. I hugged and kissed my baby girl good bye and was sad to leave, but when I had to tell my boy goodbye I lost it. I cried like a baby. O.K… back to the trip. So after we packed up and checked out of Hotel #1 it was on to our tour of Tienamen’s Square and The Forbidden City. You’d think in the 4 years I’ve been at this adoption I would have done some reading and research on Chinese history… but I haven’t. I will though and get back to you. These historic places were crowded. Lots of Chinese tourists. I suppose they visit there perhaps the way Americans would visit Washington D.C. or New York City.

I have taken some beautiful pictures of Chinese children we’ve encountered. They are so dadgum cute!

After a 3 hour tour we had another Lazy Susan Style lunch and then headed for the airport for Nanchang. I tell you… this trip is so orchestrated it’s amazing. The agency & our guide Chen Chen have every detail down. For a petite little Chinese girl, Chen Chen is a whipper snapper… she is on the ball and gets it done. I feel very safe and trust her completely! Nanchang is the capital city of Jiangxi Province… and where Lilly lives. She lives in a town called Nanfeng, which is approximately 3 hours drive from Nanchang. When we land in Nanchang. we’ll check into Hotel #2 and try to get settled and ready to bring a new baby into the family tomorrow. Tomorrow. I cannot believe it’s almost here. After all this time… all the hoops we’ve jumped through and hurdles we’ve crossed. Tomorrow is THE DAY. Lilly doesn’t know. She doesn’t know that tomorrow her life will change FOREVER. Tomorrow she will have a family. Not foster parents, though kind and caring, REAL parents… parents that would give their life for her. Tomorrow she will have all the things she never would in China. Think small: air-conditioning, clean clothes, a big yard to run and play in, a warm bath & lotion that smells oh-so-good. Think big: education, health care, sisters & a brother. And the biggest… think eternal: Lilly will now never know a day that she doesn’t hear of the Lord and His goodness to her. That she doesn’t hear of His love & salvation. His plan for her life and the way He moved Heaven & earth to bring her into our family. By His grace, she will become part of the family of Christ and have a life that will never end. What a mind-boggling day tomorrow will be. This tiny girl. What are the chances that she would be our child. Todd thought about it one day. Realistically, we have a better chance to win the lottery. Of all the children born in China… of all the children orphaned… of all the waiting parents… what are the odds she would be ours and we would be hers? We know better than odds. We don’t believe in fate. We know that it was the plan of The Father. Before the beginning of time and the foundation of the world, God had already chosen Lilly to be our baby. Period. And so here we go. I can begin to feel the plane descend. Soon this short flight to Nanchang will be over and we will be in the city that will forever be remembered as the place where we “had” Baby #4. You always remember the days you had your babies. My babies LOVE and BEG me to tell them the stories of the days they were born. They love to ride by the hospital when we’re in the town and see the site. And tomorrow will be Lilly’s day. The story of what happens in Nanchang will be told at countless bedtimes and sleepless nights. The next time I write I will have pictures to share. Oh Happy Day!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Full Day: We're Pooped
We started out early this morning. We weren't all that impressed with the breakfast buffet but if we knew what was in store for the rest of the day we would've thought it was fit for a king. The hotel is VERY NICE... and even though the beds are rock hard (the stories were true) and we are very impressed... it's much nicer than any US hotel we'd stay at... sorry Hampton Inn.

We all loaded the tour bus. Here our very sweet, very smart, very protective guide Chen Chen gives us information about China on the trip.

Look! They have KFC! Get a load of all those power lines. They're every where. Guess it takes a lot of power to keep this city of 17 million folks running!

First stop was to a jade factory. Here a man carves. We learned only MEN can carve... the women polish.

Here's Todd next to two huge jade horses. In Chinese culture horses symbolize success. Todd needs a whole herd to take home! hee hee

Ahhh... the Great Wall. Of the 3700 miles of it we only saw a tiny portion but it's impressive indeed. You cannot from the pictures imagine how steep it is... Todd approximated about a 70 degree angle. The steps are huge.

Up they go. I only got 1/2 way and decided the responsible thing to do would be to rest... save my strength... and chat it up with my new group of friends... in the shade... with a Chinese "Coke Light."

Whew... that sucker makes me tired just looking at the picture.

We ended the day with a Chinese Acrobat Show. I love Chinese acrobats. I can barely touch my toes and these contortionists can bend and turn their bodies in unbelievable ways. Carli and I got our picture made with one of them. If I were her I'd be in the ER... or an ice bath... or in a body cast. But they make it look oh-so-simple.

I'm with ya girl! The day was so busy. PLUS we still adjusting to being awake when we are used to sleeping and sleeping when we're used to being awake. The Money Maker is getting cranky and crabby... he's been getting up and working at night since the US is open for business while we're trying to sleep. He's going to crash & burn or we're gonna divorce if he doesn't get some good rest soon. Today we're going to The Forbidden City & Tienamen's Square before flying to Jiangxi. Tomorrow is GOTCHA DAY!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Guess Where I Am?
The story on how we got here so fast will require much writing. And I will. But tonight... I haven't really slept in two nights and I took a Unisom about 15 minutes ago so I'm just going to give highlights from today's trip. We are settled in at the beautiful Chang An Hotel (a.k.a. Days Inn) in downtown Beijing. They ran out of regular rooms and so we're enjoying a suite... it's quite swanky. I've already been to the Grocery Store (more on that later) and we had a very American dinner. I'll be braver tomorrow. Here are pictures from today's

Here's the giantic 747 that brought us here. Hi plane... thank you for not breaking & crashing!

Here's our mid-afternoon snack. Guess they thought it wise to prepare our diets for what was coming. A bowl or Chinese (a.k.a Ramen) noodles and some yummy lemon shortbread.

Let me enjoy you one last time delicious iced beverage. It's not safe to drink the water or ice in China... so luke warm cokes for 16 days will be on the menu!

The coolest part of the trip was flying over the top of the world to get here. Instead of traveling west... we traveled north... up & over. So we saw lots of frozen, snowy, icy earth. You don't see that everyday do ya?
This picture was taken right as we were flying directly OVER the North Pole. Hey... is that Santa?

Ahhh... we made it. I didn't think the flight was that horrible. The Beijing airport is new... just opened in March... and it's all glass. It was very, very clean and all the staff were very helpful.

And then they brought us to our hotel. Here's a picture of it taken on the way back from the Grocery Store... we loaded up on bottled/canned drinks. Whew... that Unisom is kicking in... write more tomorrow. Thanks for ALL THE PRAYERS. Tomorrow is the Great Wall tour... can't wait!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Divert Your Prayers
So many of you have been committed to pray for us in our trip to China tomorrow. But I just found out that this afternoon, MARIA SUE CHAPMAN, daughter of contemporary Christian megastar Steven Curtis Chapman, was killed this afternoon. According to reports she was playing in the driveway when one of her brothers came driving in. He did not see her and, as a result, struck her with his car. She was LifeFlighted to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nashville where she died of her injuries.

You'll see Maria pictured below sitting on her father's lap in this family photograph. She was 5 years old and the 3rd daughter the Chapman's adopted from China. The Chapman's have inspired us FOR YEARS in our pursuit to adopt from China and have championed the cause of not only helping Chinese orphans, but ALL the world's orphans.

PLEASE, PLEASE before you pray for us & our trip... PLEASE pray for the Chapman Family tonight. Pray for Steven Curtis & Mary Beth as they grieve for their daughter. Pray for their son who will now carry a burden of guilt too heavy to imagine. Pray that as the storm winds blow around them tonight and in the days to come that they will cling for dear life to their foundation in the Lord.

"The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit."
Psalm 34:18

Monday, May 19, 2008

Organized Chaos
I am packing. Packing to go on a trip 1/2 way around the world for two weeks. I have never been where I'm going. Though many are guiding my steps, I am trying to think of every possible thing I'll need that I CAN'T get there and leave behind those things I can. It's a tricky situation. PLUS... dealing with weight restrictions... not for me... for the luggage... can be an added difficulty. So, let's see how it's going. Lilly's nursey is the Official Packing Station.

  1. Luggage. Since Baby #1 is going that gets me another BIG rolling suitcase. I haven't started shoving it all in & weighing them yet... that might be ugly.
  2. New Fancy Camera. The Money Maker gave me a new camera for Mother's Day. He did it because I told him if he didn't I was going to buy it for myself. That way I still get the camera and he gets the credit. I know how he works! The books (yes, books) and DVDs that came with the camera are going to be my entertainment on the plane... I have 17 hours to learn how to use the thing.
  3. Clothes to be washed. These are for Lilly that need to be washed in Ivory Snow. I'm having a hard time finding Ivory Snow. All I can find is Dreft. I used Ivory Snow with Babies 1, 2 & 3... where are you old friend?
  4. Gifts. We have to take gifts for somebody. I swear... you'd think after waiting for this moment for 4 years I'd know EXACTLY what was for who... but I don't. All I know is that I need 6-10 "gifts" for some people in China associated with Lilly. It cannot be made in China. I bought Atlanta Falcon t-shirts for the guys (something Georgian) and Bath & Body Works gels & scrubs for the girls.
  5. Toys. We've been advised to bring a few small & interesting toys for Lilly. So we are.
  6. Hmmmm... how to describe? This pile is for stuff like duct tape, baggies, umbrella, flashlight, tongs to get bottles out of boiling water... stuff like that. Practical things?
  7. Smell Goods. I've heard how the hotel rooms smell of either A.) mildew or B.) cigarette smoke and so I'm bringing scented candles & room nuetralizer. This one in the can claims to rid rooms of cigarette smoke smell.
  8. Sanitation Supplies. This pile is totally devoted to hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial hand wipes, plastic gloves & kleenex. I'm not a germ phobe... but prevention is the best medicine!
  9. Food. Several different boxes or Gatorade, Propel & Crystal Light to mix in water bottles. Mac-n-Cheese, Ramen Noodles, Beef Jerky, Peanut Butter. I'm a little bit scared of the food. I don't have a weak stomach, but it's not an iron one either. I'm also bringing plastic utensils as well.
  10. OTC Medicine & Toiletries. I'm bringing about a gazillion Benadryl pills for The Money Maker... and all the other "stuff" bandaids, Neosporin, Immodium AD... etc. and travel size toothpaste, deoderant, etc.
  11. Box the arrived from Gymboree. I couldn't help myself. They had a sale. Gymboree is my FAVORITE store... LOVE IT! And Baby #1 & #2 are too big for it now... and too cool. We gotta shop at Limited Two, Justice or places too-cool-for-school! Pa-leez!
  12. Car Seat. We're not taking it to China but my Mom, Sisters, G-mas gave me this very cool Britax car seat. I'll have whoever is picking us up from the airport put it in the car.
  13. Pictures. The Money Maker has been promising me a day to finish up some things in her nursery... I'm still waiting. He's got 3 days left!
  14. More "stuff." The pink portfolios are for documents & money... bubble wrap in case I buy something fragile (every time I write or say that word I think of the dad from "A Christmas Story" when the leg lamp arrives at their house with FRAGILE stamped on the box and he says "FRA-GEE-LAY"... it must be French!" That' s my favorite Christmas movie by the way.) And wrapping supplies for the gifts so it doesn't get all wrinkled & smushed on the trip over.
  15. Lilly's things. Diapers, wipes, bottles, etc. You know, baby stuff.
  16. My packing list. More and more things are getting checked off.
  17. Random doll. It's not new. Not sure where it came from. I want Lilly to have little Asian dolls... dolls that look like her. This caucasian doll will not do.
  18. Round table I still have not made the cloth for... will have to wait.
  19. Baby #1's Recorder Music Notebook. The 4th graders at her school have been learning to play the recorder this year in music. It's amazing how well she can play it. She played to me while I packed... she can even play "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" blowing air out of her nose. Sounds sick but it's hilarious.
  20. Nasty carpet. Scheduled to be cleaned Wednesday between 12-3. Have been determined NOT to let Lilly come home & crawl around on nasty carpet. So, it's gonna get cleaned.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Buzzy Got Back

I am a "cat person." C-A-T-S... love them! I like dogs too... but I L-O-V-E cats. We've been through several since I've gotten married. My mean, horrible parents would never let their poor, sweet daughter have a cat growing up... (just kidding Mama:) so when I got married... I got me a cat. Actually The Money Maker got me my first cat for my first wedding anniversary. Her name was Shelby. She was mean. She loved me... and would tolerate The Money Maker... but anyone else was fair fighting game. I'd cradle her in my arms like a baby at night and watch T.V. When Shelby died of kidney disease when I was prego w/ Baby #3 I laid in bed and cried like a maniac all day. I swore I would never have a cat again... it just hurt too much to let go! (Can you say drama?) Well I got over that moment of insanity and got another cat... and now have 3 in fact. Sara, Jackson & Buzz. Jackson came from the streets. He showed up at my parents house and once again... my mean, horrible parents kept shooing and scaring him away... (kidding again... 'bout the horrible part, not the shooing part.) So one day I loaded him up in my mini-van and brought him home. He's a bit aloof, but very sweet and becoming a more familiar part of our family. Then Sara is a survivor. After returning home from a camping trip once we found her very lathargic with two very noticiable bite marks on her very swollen neck. I rushed her to our vet who said she was probably bitten by a water moccasin (on the leg too... also very swollen.) And then we have our "fat cat" Buzz. Buzz's biological sister was the one killed by my brother-in-law's lab in January. Buzz is a big 'ol teddy bear. He's fat and sleeps a lot. And the FUNNIEST thing about Buzz is that he always sleeps on his back. I have had 7 cats since I got married 13 years ago... and have numerous friends who own cats... and have never seen a cat who, like Buzz, always sleeps on his back.

Here's Sara sleeping soundly in the morning sun. Do you like what The Money Maker's DOG did to my good arm chair? He's never gotten it fixed for me. I'm mad about that. Seeing it in a photo makes me madder.

Then a few feet away we find Buzz. No surprise... he's on his back!

One bad thing about cats is their hair. Especially in the late spring in the South. They're shedding their winter coat to get ready for the brutal heat of summer. I put a throw on their favorite spots to try and protect my furniture. The cats are supposed to be "outside" cats. The Money Maker and Baby #2 have bad allergies. But sometimes when I'm home all alone I let them sneak inside for a snooze!

Another day I found him on my bed. Buzzy loves my bed. I do too... in fact, I may need a nap.

He was trying to polietly ask us to leave him alone by yawning. Aren't cats cute when they yawn?

We happily obliged him and allowed him to return to dreams of decapitating birds... catching baby moles & stalking summer lizards!