Monday, March 31, 2008

Late off the afternoon press are some snippets of information from China.
1.) We have an agency (or two) reporting that the cut-off for this month is January 9th. While the cut-off doesn't matter to us this month, this is interesting because perhaps the CCAA has completed the matching process and know how far they were able to go. Now they just have to get those bad boys signed and FedExed to the U.S.A.(I now have sympathy for those 1/10ers that will POSSIBLY miss the cut-off by a day... that was rough.)
2.) A family is reporting they received their TA (Travel Approval) today from China. Again, though this doesn't matter to us... usually referrals are close behind TAs arriving.
I told my Mom & Baby Sister last night I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't hear anything about Lilly until NEXT Monday, but now I'm a bit more optimistic that referrals may come in this week. We'll see. I'm beginning to get nervous... so much is unknown!
Where'd Everybody Go?

"Woo-ooo-woo." Can you hear the old tune from a John Wayne Western as a cowboy enters a deserted old ghost town? Our small southern town is eerily the same during the week of Spring Break. Church services are cancelled... extra practices are called off... businesses close their doors. Living so close to the Florida Panhandle most folks pack up & hit 85 south as soon as the school bell rings leaving the Wal-Mart parking lot empty and cats & dogs to be fed by kind Grandmothers for the week. We'll be heading out in the a.m. No news has come through from China... only a small rumor that matching is still taking place. Looks like Lilly could be a beach baby... we may find out with the sound of the surf in the background.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Writing on the Wall

I am a copy cat decorator. I am also a magazine addict. I love to investigate & pour over decorator magazines. One of the things I've always wanted to try was writng on my walls... stenciling & painting sayings onto a wall. Here are some websites that offer such products:

It's fun to look at these sites and see some of the very cool things you can do with custom stencils saying ANYTHING you want to say. They offer lots of suggestions or allow you to come up with something all on your own. I wanted something for above the shower in my girls' bathroom. It's not a big bathroom... and didn't want to overcrowd it with lots of knick knacks, pictures or useless "stuff." And here's how the project went.

The stencil comes in a small little box. This is a second one I've already ordered for our foyer.

I drew a level line in pencil where I wanted the saying to be. The pencil is EASILY erased with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Sponge. The stencil is a one-time use stencil that has sticky backing. The bottom of the white backing is level and I lined it up on my pencil line. Then I used the "Dry Brush" method of painting the letters. I put on two coats to make it the shade of blue I wanted.

And look HOW COOL it turned out! I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! it. You can see a bit of the snazzy (if I do say so myself) shower curtain I made last week... I pulled the blue out from the fabric. I can't wait to do the next one!

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Begins today at 2:30 p.m. EST. Hallelujah! That means 10 glorious days of:
  • NO Alarm Clocks
  • NO Homework
  • NO Ball Games
  • NO Spelling Tests, Book Reports or Study Guides
  • NO Mandatory Swim Practice or Youth Choir Rehearsal
  • NO Carpool Lines
  • NO Fixing Lunches in Lunch Boxes
  • NO Struggles to get in the bed at a decent hour after I've overscheduled my kiddos and we're at the ball field until ungodly hours of the night
  • NO Missing American Idol

Baby #3 was pumping himself up for school in the car this morning saying to himself "one more day... I can make it one more day!" I'm with you brother!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

(im)Patiently Waiting

Well, isn't just my luck that the Rumor Queen would fall deathly ill the week(s) prior to ME receiving my referral. Thank goodness for "The Forum"... where fellow waiting parents share information they've received. The Rumor Queen has been very quiet (I supppose being sick in bed with the flu will do that)... there hasn't been any RQ "official" rumors posted. We have heard from the agencies of fellow adopters that MATCHING IS IN PROGESS... but no word on when they plan to be put in the mail... or when they expect to arrive here in the U.S. I thought I would be calm(er) this month... knowing our LID was next up... but OH-NO... I'm more impatient than ever... wanting to know! know! know! when those referrals are coming.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A-OK to go to CHINA

The Money Maker & I have been going round & round & round about Baby #1 going to China with us. She is DYING to go... begging, pleading, groveling. Anyone who has ever gone has told us to take her. The Money Maker has been concerned mostly about the $$$. But, yesterday he told us... SHE'S GOING. So we scurried off to the Probate Court because, as chronic procrastinators, we still have not gotten her passport... AND we realized that we don't just need it to get her on the plane... we have to send it in with our VISA applications... like in just a few weeks. So we paid to have it expedited and hope to have it in only 2 weeks. So we'll see how it goes. Hope we don't lose her, allow her to drink the water or get food poisoning.

Monday, March 24, 2008

When Egg Hunts Go Bad

My kiddos couldn't wait to finish Easter Lunch and go on an Egg Hunt with all the beautiful eggs they had dyed the night before. Each of them had favorites they wanted to find. They couldn't stop asking when it was going to happen... when was I going to hide the eggs... it was going to be so much fun... And it was... for a while.

My kiddos started the day looking like this. Ain't they pretty? Except that Baby #3 ALREADY has his shirt untucked. But don't they look happy & full of love?

And they're off. They begin to search for the eggs. Baby #3's Kindergarten class had an egg hunt on Friday. There were basically 400 plastic eggs stuffed with unmeltable candy laid all across the playground. Not too many places to really "hide" the eggs so they didn't really have to "hunt" for them. The kindergarten "egg hunt" was really a "egg pick-up." But it was fun & all the kids got a basket full. Well, we agreed that for our family egg hunt Mommy would "hide" the eggs. I didn't dig holes & bury the doggone things... but I hid them. Some were in plain view (i.e. in a tree or on a fence post) and some where a little more obscure (i.e. in our car's tail pipe or in a flower pot or in the hole of a tree.)

Well, there already off the beaten path and starting to complain that they can't "find" the eggs. I remind them this is an "egg HUNT" and they need to keep looking. They also begin to pair up so they can cheat off each other. When one yells "FOUND ONE"... the other races behind them hoping to grab the egg first.

Now they're yelling at me. "We can't find the eggs... boo, hoo, hoo." They're all 3 together complaining and squabbling. Those lazy little bums. Yet, I am slow to anger and give them ANOTHER pep talk... my brother-in-law, Brandon, gives them some clues... and we encourage them that this "is fun" and "they can do it!" We then begin the "you're getting warmer... oh, you're cold" hints.

Uh oh... things are getting ugly now. Baby #3... coming down off a sugar high induced by eating too many Peeps... is now completely dejected that he can't find as many eggs as his sisters. The sisters like to announce their total each time they add a new find to their collection... "I have 16... Now I have 17..." While Baby #3 only has 5 or 6. I gather my chicks and tell them... calmly... that the spirit of the Egg Hunt is turning sour. They need to split up... LOOK for the eggs... they're not going to fly up & hit them in the head... and I whisper some extra clues in my baby's ear to help him along.

But my efforts are fruitless. After missing out on an egg he found but his sister grabbed first, he sits down and crumbles. And the Egg Hunt is officially a disaster. And now I'm mad. I tell the girls to find the rest of the eggs on their own... giving them clues so obvious they'd be morons to miss... and then practically have a coronary when they ask "Can we do it again?" WHAAAAT??? No! No! No! Next year I'll have a legal agreement of good sportsmanship, kindness & proper attitudes for them to sign IN BLOOD before beginning Egg Hunt '09.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Kids Play '08

I am NOT a kid at heart. I still feel young... but there are things that I once did as a child that I would not choose to do anymore if it weren't for the fact that I have children. Now I do these things for the one single purpose of creating memories for my kiddos. My parents did it for me & I'm passing the tradition along. Some of these activities include:

  • Carving Pumpkins
  • Building Sandcastles
  • Going to Disney World
  • Trick-or-Treating
  • Ride Rollercoasters
  • AND... Dying Easter Eggs

But nevertheless, I hopped in with excitement & joy last night and dyed Easter Eggs with the kids.

I actually read the directions on the back of the box and they suggested setting up the materials on TRAYS... to keep the materials contained and help with clean up... it was genius! So here's our set up... the kiddos got a dozen eggs each... it would've been WWIII to watch them split a simple 12. And they actually did very well... didn't even keep count. They oooed & ahhhed over everybody else's creations.

Here's one going in....

Here it is coming out. My hillbilly son actually just got out of the shower... that's why he showed up for the party with only half his clothes on. I use that really effective, yet lazy, parenting technique of "you can't do ______ until you do _____" to get what I want sometimes. It was NOT a chore to get him soaped up & smellin' good for Sunday Church knowing he had to do it before joining in the fun. I love bribery.

Homeboy here got a little bored & decided to get jiggy for the camera!

And didn't we end up with a pretty Easter Basket! Tomorrow I'll tell you what happened to these beautiful eggs. But for now, just enjoy the goodness of children having fun & making memories... spending time with each other (actually getting along!) and with their Mother! I try to remind myself to treasure these moments as precious gifts that I'll always remember too!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Almost Everyday Now
With 3 kiddos and a busy schedule I use my calendar A LOT! I seem to keep myself pretty busy as well. And now it seems like everyday I make some sort of appointment & when I make it I think "when we do this... we'll KNOW about Lilly!" I saw my dermatologist last week... he wanted to see me back in a month & I thought it. I took Babies 1 & 3 to the dentist Monday... when I made Baby #2 her appointment for next month... I thought it. When I got the notice that Spring Ball picture day is April 12th... I thought it. Yesterday, I took Baby #2 to our pediatrician for a recheck for an ear infection she had 10 days ago. The dadgum thing wasn't much better (Baby #2 has issues we won't get into today... the child's a medical trainwreck.) Anyhoo... they wanted to see her back in ANOTHER 10 days... which will be in the middle of Spring Break so we had to make the 2nd recheck for AFTER Spring Break, being the 2nd week of April and I thought it. Baby #1 has to register for a swim meet next month... I thought it. I'm getting my hair cut this morning & when I schedule my next appointment for 6 weeks from today... you guessed it... I'll think it! The closer & closer we get to our referral the more my life begins to INVOLVE Lilly than not involve her. I'm getting closer to having her than not having her. And it won't be long that her name will be on my calendar too... doctor's appointments, getting her picture made appointments, play dates, hair cuts... hope she's ready for a wild ride!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Going Against the Grain
I have been a member of the Chinese Adoption community for nearly 4 years now. And in those 4 years I've seen (via cyber space) lots & lots of babies come home to their new families. I wound venture to say the the majority of adoptive families keep part of their new baby's Chinese name as part of their new "legal" name. Lilly will not have any of her assigned Chinese name as part of her new legal name. Here's why:
  1. She's MY daughter. I named my other children and I'm going to name this one. When I had Babies 1, 2 & 3 the hospital administrator didn't assign them a name. My obstetrician didn't make me agree to name them after him before extracting the child from my writhing & contracting body. The Mayor of the city we lived in didn't set forth a decree that all children born during his term must bear his name. I had a baby and I named my baby. Simple. These orphans in the Chinese Welfare System are give names by people who care for them... not love them... not planning on raising them... not moving heaven & earth to bring the home to love & safety. Babies found after being abandoned are often given names like pets at the Humane Society are given names. Perhaps a beautiful baby is given a name that means "beauty" just the way a frisky dog is name "Rascal." We adopted a cat once named "Second Chance" because the shelter had rescued it from a kill shelter on the day she was supposed to be put down. Before I got her home I named her "Sara." It's a sweet sentiment... but no thanks, I'll give my baby a name that means something special to me.
  2. Many adoptive parents give their daughters 2 American names... the same most American born children receive a first & middle name at birth... AND then tag on part of their Chinese name to the end... like a third name. Too much for me. Plus, I don't think she'll like it and eventually drop it. I could be TOTALLY wrong, but I think most AMERICAN teenagers don't like attention drawn to them. You know those kids you snickered at on the first day of school when the new teacher was calling roll for the first time... it's one thing when a teacher announces "Amanda Lynn Jones?" and the girl says "It's Mandy." But for a teacher to say "Robert Herbert Smith?" and the poor kid gets teased & called "Herbie" instead of "Bobby" for the rest of his life. The Money Maker's middle name is Eliott. Well we grew up in the age of the movie E.T. Ask The Money Maker how many first days of school he spent hearing "Hey, Eliott... E.T. need to phone home?" or something stupid like that. So I just see Lilly dreading & cringing each first day... each new class... when some new teacher announces "Lilly FuLing Johnson?" Some parents might think it's a good character builder... I just assume save her as much trouble as possible.

Now, this is ONLY a name. It's like getting babies ears pierced. I wouldn't pierce my babies ears... but I don't think bad about people who do. Families who DO keep part of their daughters Chinese names I'm sure have good, wonderful perhaps even very convincing arguments for why they did. It's just not for me. And I'm sharing this not to talk bad about keeping part of the Chinese name... but only because I know people will ask and now you know!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Let's Look at China

Before I started this process of adopting a baby from China all I knew about the geography of China was where to locate it on a globe. I didn't know that the country was divided up into regions called PROVINCES... I didn't know that the climate of China mirrors that of the U.S.... and I defintely didn't know the names of the provinces. One of the first bits of information we will received about Lilly on Referral Day is where she lives. It will be the second stop on our trip. We fly into Beijing (Northern China)... go to her province to pick her up... then finish our trip in Guanghouz in Guangdong Province (see it in gray in Southern China) to finalize the adoption at the US Consulate. Last night we had our Travel Advisory Meeting with our parent liason, Janet, who told us there are 3 provinces that are considered MAIN FEEDERS to the CCAA with children available for International Adoption. One is Guangdong... where the US Consulate is in Southern China, two is Jiangxi Province just north of Guangdong. And I can't remember the third. (Perhaps another parent can remind me.) Other provinces are considered MINOR FEEDERS and send far less children's file to the CCAA... but do send them and families do travel there. Lately, I have tried to memorize or at least become familiar with the locations of the provinces and how to pronounce them, so that on Referral Day I look like I know what I'm talking about.... sort of... hopefully.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Last night I had one of those dreams. Have you ever had one? You know... those dreams that leave you feeling weird the next day. Like they were so real that you had to remind yourself it was only a dream. I had one once in Middle School. I dream I kissed this boy. The next day when I saw him at school I was all silly & giggly feeling inside. I felt like it had really happened. I was shy & embarrassed to see him in the hall. Well, I had a dream like that last night. And I woke up this morning scared... with cold feet. I dreamed we got Lilly. At first in the dream she had blonde hair & blue eyes. I was tearing off small pieces of strawberries (must be leftover from the Strawberry Shortcake the other night) and feeding them to her as she was cuddled in my lap. But I was confused. Then her hair was in a pony tail... and the hair was that of an African American... coarse... and standing up in the pony tail. And I remember thinking... this little girl in NOT Chinese. This is not what I wanted. And so I woke up this morning feeling weird & somehow afraid that Lilly will not look like the Chinese baby I have pictued in my mind. I'm better now... even though a small tinge of the dream remains in my mind. I think about the moment when I'll see Lilly for the first time a lot. When I had my kiddos, I knew basically what they would look like. Naked. Newborn. Probably bald. I remember being so surprised when Baby #2 was born because she looked just like Baby #1. I remember saying "Oh my gosh it's another one!" And that meant... just like Baby #1. And years later Baby #3 came out looking the same... only with boy parts. But with Lilly... just about anything BESIDES naked, newborn & probably bald is possible. She could be 3 years or 7 months. She could be pale complexted or have darker skin tones. She could have very almond eyes or they could be more rounded. She could have lots of hair or hardly any at all. She could be chubby or a peanut. I just picture myself sitting at this very computer when those images of my daughter come across for the first time. I know it sounds vain... but I'm scared to death! But no matter what she looks like, I can be certain she WILL be Chinese... unlike the uncertainty of my dream... and I will love her and cuddle her and feed her strawberries if she wants.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Henry Doesn't Like Strawberries!

Sometime I'll have to tell you about our dog Henry. He's got quite the tale. But for today I'll just tell you... 'cause I know you're dying to know interesting tidbits about my mut dog... that apparently he does not care for strawberries. I made Strawberry Shortcake for dessert last night & piled the uneaten portions on top of the uneaten dinner portions... (from the kiddos... I cleaned my plate... for proof, see last night's post.) Anyway, I gave Henry the table scraps after cleaning the plates. When I came back I saw Henry had managed to eat every morsel of leftovers without touching & ingesting a single, sliced & sugared strawberry. They even had whipped cream on top! Silly dog!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm Not the Pope But...
The Vatican came out this week with some new sins. Yes, that's right... new sins. Why these things weren't sins before I'm not quite sure, but, then again, I'm not Catholic. Anyway, the "new deadly sins include polluting, genetic engineering, being obscenely rich, drug dealing, abortion, pedophilia and causing social injustice." Seems like most of these are no-brainers... but back to the point of this post. So, in the spirit of the Pope's new rules I thought I'd play along. Yesterday I cleaned out my closet. I got all the sweaters packed up (awww...) I tucked the wool slacks, turtlenecks, coats & jackets in for their summer hibernation in the guest room closet... I boxed my boots to make room for flip-flops & Tevas. And then I began to go through my "Summer Wardrobe." I don't like my summer clothes as well as my winter clothes. (I've been studying Genesis in my weekly Bible Study and my new wardrobe motto is "Winter have I loved, but Summer have I hated." Those of you who know Genesis will get the joke... but may not be laughing... is that wrong to joke like that? Mom, let me know.) So that's the 1st strike against the summer clothes... I'm just not as excited about pulling out capri pants as I am a thick, snuggly sweater. So as I go about my regorganizing I use my shoe organizer as a split between what I can wear and what I've gotten too fat over the winter to wear. As I went through the clothes the sides grew uncomfortably even. Take a look:

My closet is not wide enough to get back enough to get a good shot. It's long & narrow. But in this picture you can see the shoe divider & the two sides.

Here's the side I can still wear. It mostly contains items with elastic waistbands, frumpy "Life is Good" t-shirts, NOTHING sleeveless and anything I've bought new since getting fatter.

Boo... hoo... hoo.... here's the side that I cannot wear. Sure I can zip most of the zippers... but nobody wants to look at that. It's ugly... it's lumpy & bumpy & gross. Most of all, it's uncalled for- that's what it is!

So here's my new sin:

Thou shall not gain so much weight that thou can not fit into perfectly good & stylish clothes. Thou shall not buy new clothes to fit thee's growing buttocks. Thou shall not eat so many Reese's Peanut Butter Easter eggs that thou canst fit into what remains of thee's summer wardrobe.

And I don't need to go to confession... I need to go to the gym! I need to go on a diet! I need to go to a hypnotist so each time I reach for the fridge door I cluck like a chicken or better... run around the block! Maybe go spend Spring Break at a fat farm going through detox from sugar, chocolate & well... just chocolate and other sugars! Wondering... do I get a break for being pregnant (even if on paper) for 3 years???

Monday, March 10, 2008

Making Progress
I spent part of this weekend working on Lilly's nursery. Oh lawsie, you should've seen this room before. For the almost 2 years that we've lived in this house her room was our "Junk Room." It's very nice and convenient to have a "Junk Room." Not sure where you want to hang that picture? Throw it in the "Junk Room" until you decide. Can't quite find the right spot for those candle sticks in this new house? Throw 'em in the "Junk Room" until the perfect place is discovered. That room was FULL of accessories, clothes, holiday decorations, pictures needing to be scrapbooked, extra furniture & bedding, books, dried flowers... STUFF! STUFF! STUFF!!! The walls were painted brown for the teen aged boy who occupied this room before we moved in. And so ever so slowly over the past 4 months I've begun hammering away at the mammoth project it was to get this room converted from overloaded "Junk Room" to "Baby Nursery" extraordinaire! The room is not completed... but I'm pretty proud of my progress just the same!

I've never painted a room yellow before. Her crib bedding & curtains (which you'll see later) are pink, blue, yellow & green. My paint guru & personal color expert, Wally, convinced me to go yellow instead of pink. It's been a nightmare painting over that brown. I still see spots that need an extra slather of yellow paint. I'm waiting on the painter to come paint the trim before hanging the curtains. I put her crib together all by my little 'ol self... first time ever. The Money Maker always did it before. The drawers for her dresser are being repaired by my personal furniture DOCTOR, Eddie, thanks to Baby #3 pulling them out and using them as a step to get to items on top of the dresser when it use to be in his room. I'm lucky I didn't need a medical doctor if the dresser would have fell over on him... that's why we bolt things to the wall! I'm just praying she's going to need this crib... and not a prom dress 'cause she's so old!

We're going to stick with the name Lilly. That was the overwhelming choice voted upon by ya'll AND because my friends Gail & Kelly gave me this beautiful pillow embroidered with her name on it. I set it out yesterday. The room is marked. So, that's it. I have more work to do... and luckily, more time to do it. But for now, I'm making progress... and that's always a good thing!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Can You Believe It?
I cannot. Didn't we just "fall back?" It was snowing at my house this morning. No accumulation. Not really SNOW... more accurately described as "flurries," I suppose. But still.... is winter over already? It's time to save daylight in order to play out longer... stay up later... go barefoot... change out wardrobes in my closet??? Already??? Well it is. So set those clocks AHEAD an hour before going to bed tonight so you won't be late to church in the morning.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

In Chinese Adoption there is this whole cyber-world available to live in. Thanks to the Internet... adoptive and waiting families can connect in ways impossible 10 years ago. I belong to several internet "groups"... which memebers offer advice, encouragement, information, etc. Well, one of my "groups" is a "December 2005 DTC" group... available for those families who sent their paperwork (a.k.a. dossier) to China in December of 2005. A group where we're all practically in the same boat. To help pass the time, members of this group organzied a Secret-Pal swap. Each month had a theme: books on adoption, bedtime soothers, bathtime fun, etc. and it was a great way to keep our mind off the wait... and you know me... I like to shop and had fun picking out little things here and there for my Secret Pals. My first secret pal lives in Florida and received her daughter's referral a few months back (her LID was in December too.) Well, my second Secret Pal just received her referral this week and guess what... It is a BOY! Yep, she was shocked! I received an email from her yesterday (I'll refer to her as MB) and she said though they "requested a girl" a precious little boy waits for them in China! She also said that in her travel group of 4 families... 3 of the families received BOYS! She is scrambling in Illinois for the next month... getting that pink & purple nursery converted to something more masculine. But I am just so excited for her!!! I had 2 girls when I was pregnant w/ Baby #3 (my son) and at the time I thought I could have 1,000 girls. But when my Baby Boy was born I fell in love in a way I never imagined I could. There is INDEED a special bond between a mama & her son. MB... you have that specialness in front of you... you're going to love it! I promise. Congratulations to my (no so) Secret Pal!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

March Babies
Click HERE to see some of the newest babies & toddlers who will soon be united with their forever families. Several of these families were not receiving their phone calls until today... so some of the pictures may not be posted yet. Hopefully next month there will be NO OTHER baby to gawk at but mine! I did see a family in this month's batch that was SKIPPED last month (February) by the CCAA. I told ya'll it happens! Just like when people always ask me "Are you getting a girl?" I want to say "yes"... but you just never know... boys sneak in there occasionally. (And for the record I would be thrilled!) So I'd hate to be one of those families and then have to go around town for the next 2 years with everyone saying "I thought you said you were getting a girl!!!" So, to be safe, I say... "we're pretty sure it will be a girl." I was asked at least 5 times today when I was going to hear something... when I was going to China... when I was getting my referral... when??? when??? when??? And I want to answer "WE'RE 100% NEXT"... but you just never know! Just like we're "that family" that missed the cut-off by one day... we could be "that family" that gets skipped. I'm giving myself hives talking about this so I better sign off. Anyhoo... enjoy the babies... I sure do.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Looks Like We're Next

I haven't seen anything "official" come out of China today, but calls are being made to expectant families... so far only through January 4th. I emailed my agency this morning and asked them if they had any reason to call me today (hmmmm... like w/ a BABY???) and they responded: "unfortunately, no." But encouraged me that they're "fairly certain" (they can't ever say anything's written in stone... too many people sue) that April will be our turn... hopefully... finally. I suppose the world could come to an end... China could close the program... pigs could fly... hell could freeze... WORST case senario... we could get skipped. That HAS happened to families before. Usually a mistake or oversight... but nevertheless... the people have to wait ANOTHER MONTH before the problem is corrected. But... hoping... trusting... PRAYING that all goes smoothly... we are in the "ON DECK" circle for a referral next month. And that's O.K. I have lots of things to keep me busy. Let's go through some of those things to make me feel better.

  1. Finish Lilly's nursery. It's almost there.
  2. Paint the girls' bathroom.
  3. Make the shower curtain for the girls' bathroom.
  4. Start packing for China.
  5. Buy gifts for nannies, officials, guides in China.
  6. Play Easter Bunny for my kiddos.
  7. Meet with pediatric nurse practioner who specializes in international adoption on what to expect & get prescriptions for meds. to take to China for Lilly.
  8. Sew curtains for my bedroom.
  9. Paint my bathroom & stencil walls. (It sounds cheesy, but's it's gonna look fab!)
  10. Go to beach for Spring Break

Whew... that's good enough for now. That'll keep me busy for a while... at least a week or two or three or........ April will be here before we know it... right? Stay tuned for links to pictures of this month's babies. Which, again, unfortunately... does NOT include mine! Boo hoo.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

What will happen on....
Hopefully tomorrow we will know something. Anything. The waiting is the worst. I started out this Sunday reading reports that convinced me we would not be included. Now there are small reports talking about January 6th... a day AFTER us... being included. So I don't know.... I just! don't! know!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

More talk about the 5th

There have been some rumors from Spain floating around today that the 5th of January may be included after all. THE Rumor Queen has not commented on this. There are also rumors that packages are IN ROUTE to the US from Beijing... and should be arriving at US agencies Monday... if not today. We're assuming those "packages" contain referrals for March. We'll wait & see for EXACTLY which families. Will we make the cut??? or will we wait until April???

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