Friday, February 29, 2008

At least one US agency is now confirming to their clients that the cut-off will be January 4th. I promise I won't update about this again until I have something "OFFICIAL" to report!

Not Knowing=Long Weekend
As I type it's 8:00 Friday night and any information that may come out of Beijing about referrals will be suspended until Monday morning. Still no confirmation on a cut-off date... most signs still point to the 4th... but this afternoon, teenie... tiny... itty-bitty rumors started coming out that the 5th may be included after all. The Rumor Queen has these small rumors rated a 1 out of 5 for trustworthiness. So, it's going to be a long weekend waiting and wondering what will transpire next week. No information has surfaced that referrals are in the mail... we're waiting to hear about that too. I better find something to keep myself occupied!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Add the Canadians
The "January 4th Rumor" has crossed the Atlantic and now an agency in Canada is also confirming that the cut-off will be January 4th. It's almost like those times before... once right after I got married... once right after I had one of the kiddos... that I thought I might be pregnant. Really, it wasn't THE BEST time to have a baby and I hoped I wasn't. I took the pregnancy test holding my breath... my hands shaking while holding the stick... sweating with anxiety... and then 2 minutes later when the test was negative I suddenly was like "Awwww... " and felt disappointed. In a previous post I shared how it sure would be nice to have one more little month to get ready to travel around the world & bring this new baby home. But now that the signs are pointing to us indeed having to wait another month I'm saying "Awwwwww..." and disappointed.
The French Agree with Spain

Rumors are now coming out of France that Adoption Agencies there are confirming the cut-off for March to be January 4th.

If it looks like a duck,

And quacks like a duck,

It's probably a .......

Laundry Abuse

You have to be a tough 'ol bird to be a towel in my house. I don't have prissy department store towels... these bad boys are from Wal-Mart. We are rough on towels. My children think you are to use a bath towel to dry off and then to walk on... leave in the bathroom floor close to the base of the toilet... wipe up various spills of Kool-Aid, Spaghettios or ketchup... wash the car... dry the dog whose been running in the rain chasing squirrels... blow their nose if a Kleenex is not nearby... sometimes I wonder if my children are indeed human. I tease them and call them my "3 little pigs." They're kinda piggy. Anyhoo... back to the towels. So when I collect the towels throughout the house they go into a steaming hot washing machine full of Tide & Clorox. They get washed thoroughly and rinsed twice before heading to the dryer set on high heat. So after a while I start to notice the ill effects our household has on our towels and as tough as they may be... our linen closet starts to look very, very pathetic. Here is a load of towels I washed yesterday & as I began to fold them I started to weep for them....
Towel #1: Has a big rip & a hole. Won't be long
until it looks like Towel #2.

Towel #2:
The rip is larger in this towel. It must've gotten so bad on the lower half I took off a dangling chunk. Won't be long until it looks like Towel #3.

Towel #3: Has already lost it's lower half. I must have amputated it after the rip was too severe to save. Towels like these are now only good for my hair or Baby #3 who's body is the smallest of the towel-abusing family.

Towel #4: Uh-oh... this old girl has put up a good fight, but the Clorox and vigorous agitating has gotten the best of her. A tear has begun. She's got a good month or two before she looks like Towel #1.

Towel #5: A big more advanced than Towel #4. Not only does this fella have a small tear... he has 3 holes right in the middle. When that tear reaches those holes, the consequences could be deadly!

Towel #6: Well lookie here. It's a perfect towel. Except.... it used to be red. I once had a guest bathroom that was red & yellow so I had some nice red towels I put in there. This one unfortunately got itself mixed up with the wrong crowd. See what hanging around with the rough & tough boys will do to you! Now it has to spend the rest of it's days as a dingy orange instead of a beautiful Indian red.

Towel #7: And I end on a good note. Out of the load of towels I did have 1 perfect, unripped, non-holey towel to fold & put away. Wonder what the lifespan of this one is? She better enjoy the perfection while she can... if she knows what's good for her!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Could be "False Labor"
Well the week is 1/2 over and it's sort of agony. It's like when I was pregnant and thought I might be going into labor... the Braxton-Hicks were strong & tight... I started losing my mucous plug... some cramping... but no REAL progress. That's life this week with my "Paper Pregnancy." There are signs that I could be about to have a baby... but it could just be a false alarm & I'll have to keep waiting for the real deal. For the first time I had trouble falling asleep last night... my mind was racing... and then I woke up at 2:30 a.m. and read my "Travel Package" for a while until I was sleepy enough to try to go back to bed. The SPANISH RUMOR QUEEN has put the first rumor out there: the cut-off will be January 4th... we'd miss it by a day! But that's an early rumor... one the Queen of all Rumor Queens... THE Rumor Queen is only giving a 1 out of 5 stars for trustworthiness. So I keep waiting... pacing the floors... nesting... eating... we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My 3 loyal readers, how could it be...

that you would think my nonsense, is actually funny!

You are my beautiful friends, I'm glad I brighten your day,

'cause when I'm ever with ya'll-you make me feel the same way!

The Champion


The Runner-Up

This past Saturday, Baby #1 & Baby #3 competed in the Championship Games for each of their Intramural leagues. One team WON... one team came in 2nd. Can you guess who? They both look pretty happy in this photo. Baby #1 was THE CHAMPION and Baby #3 had to settle for 2nd... his team lost in a 17-14 defeat to the Gray Team...awww! Baby #1 helped her team clinch the CHAMPIONSHIP by being 4 for 4 from the free-throw line & playing excellent defense! Win or lose... both these kiddos are #1 in Mama's book!

Monday, February 25, 2008

for Rumors!

Well folks this could be a very exciting week or two. With a LID of 1/5/06 we COULD BE on deck to receive our referral. COULD BE. Or could NOT be. We are waiting for rumors of a cut-off date to start trickling out of China. I think we're definitely on the bubble. The Rumor Queen (God bless her) has predicted 1/5/06 to be the cut-off date as the "horrid case senario"... which most months we receive a "horrid case senario" as a reality. If the cut-off is NOT the 5th of January... I think it'll be the 4th of January which means we'll KNOW that we're next to receive our referral in April. Now... Pros and Cons of being next or almost next.

PROS for receiving a referral in MARCH (being NEXT):

  • We're next. The waiting will be over. We can go get our baby.
  • We'll most likely travel BEFORE school gets out which will be a heck-of-a lot easier for the person left to take care of Babies 1, 2 & 3.

CON for receiving a referral in MARCH (being NEXT):

  • After nearly 4 flippin' YEARS of waiting... I'm not quite ready. I sure could use that extra month of KNOWING I'm next to prepare a bit more. Pathetic... I know!

PROS for receiving a referral in APRIL (almost next):

  • I have that extra month to get ready. I am a procrastinator. I always crammed for tests... wrote papers the night before they were due... I grocery shop mere hours before dinner. So knowing that I only have 1 month left to prepare would kick me into 1st gear and I could really be prepared. At this point... I'm not really ready.

CONS for receiving a referral in APRIL (being almost next):

  • The kiddos would likely be out of school by the time we traveled... giving their caretaker(s) an extra 8 hours of babysitting each day.
  • We'll miss our annual trip to the Florida Keys. The Money Maker is NOT happy about that possibility... but he'll survive.
  • Baby #1... our swimming prodigy... would have to make the decision to A.) go to China or B.) stay home and go to Swim Camp at Auburn University w/ her buddy Jenna. Again, The Money Maker will NOT be happy for Baby #1 to miss Swim Camp... he's already not too keen on the idea of her going to China.
  • The Money Maker has bid on some big demolition jobs that would probably be starting or started during travel time... which if he got the job(s) would NOT be a good time to leave the country for 2 weeks. But... we'll cross that bridge if we have to.

So... we continue to wait. Wait to see what unfolds. Wait for little snippets of information that may or may not be true. It's what us waiting mothers do!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

American Idol: Review & Predictions

Well, as you may already know, my kiddos and I love watching American Idol together each week. The auditions are over, the Top 24 have been selected by Randy, Paula & Simon, and now it's in "America's hands" as we vote each week. Last night, the Top 12 boys started off the competition. Each week the bottom 2 will be eliminated until there are only 6 boys and 6 girls remaining... comprising the "Big" Top 12. Here are OUR predicitions on who will make the Top 12 for the guys:

Chikezie. Simon can never get his name right. Pronounced: Sha-key-zee... last night Simon called him Jacuzzi. I had to laugh.

Jason Castro. What's up with the hair? Is he channeling Bob Marley or something? Nevertheless, he's got pretty blue eyes and GREAT teeth. I'm like my Dad... I notice teeth. He played the guitar last night & we loved it!

David Archuleta. At only 16, this boy can "blow" (do I sound like Randy?)

Michael Johns. The oldest contestant, at 29, he now makes his home nearby in Buckhead, Ga. He's the Aussie... and the cutest!

David Cook. Another rocker, this guy is in a band back home so he's used to being on stage.

Robbie Carrico. He mentioned last night he used to be part of a Boy/Girl Group that toured with Britney Spears once. He is trying to transform himself from Popstar Groupie to rocker.

So who's going home Thursday night???

Garet Haley. What is UP with the "Hair Band" hair? Does he really think it looks good? He's also got a wirey... puny... little gross mustache. He sang bad. I don't even think I've seen him before last night. Where did he come from?

Luke Menard. He's cute but cocky. He disputed what the judges said about him last night.... he sang some dull, boring ballad. It was as Simon said "forgettable."

Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm Back: Life UnPaused

Scrapbook Weekend is over. I'm safely back at home with my kiddos. The Money Maker is officially "off duty." I have cooked dinner, emptied the dishwasher, done laundry. Life, as I know it, has resumed. Scrapbook Weekend is like pressing the "PAUSE" button on life. There is no cell phone reception... limited television... no appointments... no alarm clocks... no schedules... no set mealtimes.... it's just whatever for 3 glorious whole days. We rent a cabin back in the woods on a secluded lake. We rearrange all the furniture & set up our scrapbook tables in a big square where we can see one another. We put on music and just do nothing but talk, laugh, gossip, sleep, snack, and scrap all the events of the past years. My funny friend Vanessa & I made one quick Wal-Mart run (& stop to the local package store) on Saturday and other than that we didn't leave the cabin. We don't fix our hair... we don't put on make-up... we only pack sweats. The mix of characters was perfect:

1.) My funny friend Vanessa: everything is more fun when she's around. She's always my roomie!

2.) My newly pregnant friend Christy: we did some black magic on her Saturday night to discover the sex of her baby. It was the ol' "Pencil Test" where you stick a needle in a pencil and tie a string to the needle & hold it over the wrist. It's quite spooky. It swings one direction for girls... another for boys. It told each girl in the cabin EXACTLY the children we had in the correct order. With two girls at home now, it told Christy she was having a boy. We believe!

3.) My very old friend Amy: and by "old" I mean I've known Amy for a long, long time. We took piano lessons from the same lady back in Middle School. I was such a dork... glad she still hangs with me. Amy is an excellent baker. She was only allowed to come (kidding!) after promising to make us her stuffed french toast... which she did and which was delicious as usual. She also made a chocolate cherry cake... and I think ya'll know about my chocolate covered cherry obsession... so needless to say... I loved every bite!

4.) German Jennifer: Jennifer speaks fluent German and I always make her speak German to her mom when they talk. It's amazing to me. We usually have a couple glasses of wine on Saturday night and get the nerve to ask Jennifer to show us her... um, how should I say... her augmented boobenschnitzles... we're all jealous!

So... that was my weekend away for the year. The "pause" button has been unpressed and I'm back on patrol so I better go get the troops ready for bed. They had a long weekend for President's Day and haven't been to school since Valentine's Day. That alarm will come pretty early in the a.m.... I better be ready!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Power of


Well 24 hours after yesterday's "I think I'd like to die" post, I'm back to normal. Still feeling some aftershocks of the sickness that sent me to bed Monday night... but for the most part, I feel good. I've even got my car loaded up & ready to head out of town for a long weekend with my girlfriends. What would Martha Washington or Caroline Ingalls have done?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm Sick.

Literally. And it's weird... 'cause I don't usually get sick. I even had to go to the doctor yesterday. And if my doctor was as cute & "dreamy" as my favorite T.V. doc... it would've been worth it. All I want to do is lay in my bed & sleep. Get real doped up on good medicine and snooze my sickness away. When my kids get sick I pray for them to have fever so it'll slow them down a bit. And I rarely give them Motrin (unless the fever gets dangerously high) because it'll send them bouncing off the couch & back to normal activity. How do they do it? After 1/2 a bottle of Motrin yesterday I still could hardly pick up the Apple Jacks glued to the couch... laundry scattered across the house... flush toilets with "surprises" left in them... repair the damaged created when Mom (a.k.a The House Police) was off duty for 24 hours. And I'm supposed to go out of town tomorrow w/ my gal pals for our annual "Scrapbook Weekend"... but I feel too blah today to even be disappointed. I need a housecall from "McDreamy." Does he make those?

Friday, February 8, 2008

Too Many "Lilly"s?
I'm starting to panic that there are too many Lillys out there. I see lots of parents naming their new babies from China "Lilly." Usually spelled "Lily," I see Lily Grace, Lily Kate, Lily Ann... Lily, Lily, Lily!!! I chose "Lilly" because my Grandmother's name is Lillian and my 3 big kiddos have family names & I wanted this baby to be no different. Would she look weird walking around with a t-shirt saying "My name's Lilly because my G.G.'s is!" There are other names I like too... Miller being my fave! My Grandfather's mother's maiden name was Miller. I also like the name Lila. That was my Great-Grandmother's name... but Baby #2 already has her other name... Mae. So, to have a little fun I'm going to put up a little pole on the side. Vote your choice.

Guess What I Got!

Today my adoption agency sent me an:


Woo-hoo! Here are some highlights:

  1. The receiving of the letter DOES NOT necessarily mean we will receive our referral in March.
  2. Our referral will contain: a picture, her medical report, her development report and an acceptance letter for us to sign.
  3. We will have 14 days to decide if we will acept the assignment.
  4. We can only DECLINE the assignment AND receive another referral for MEDICAL REASONS (since we requested a Non-Special Needs child.) Families do not receive another referral for declining an assignment based on "age, looks or feelings."
  5. We will probably travel 6-8 weeks after we SIGN for our assignment.
  6. We will receive our referral via FedEx since we do not live close enough to go to our agency's office to receive it in person. BUT... they WILL CALL US and let us know her age, location and email us her photos upon receiving our referral in their office.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I Joined Curves

My girlfriend Cathy convinced me & my other girlfriend Harriet to join Curves this week. First of all, I have curves. I need the name to be "Bean Pole"... 'cause I need to rid myself of my curves & take on a slim, straight, NON-curvy appearance. Second, the motto of Curves is : "The Power to Amaze Yourself." I don't want to "amaze" myself. I was amazed that I ate an entire Red Velvet Cake by myself over the Christmas holidays. I amazed myself when I stepped on that scale at my initial intake meaurement meeting upon joining. I want the power to "shrink" myself. The power to make my fat & flab disappear. I want to "transform" myself.

But anyway... the concept is pretty painless. You go around this circuit for 30 minutes alternating between cardio & strength training. It's easier with Cat & Harriet there. I only joined month-to-month because I know myself. Signing up for an entire year would be a death sentence. They said I'd see results in just "one month." I want to see results in one week. I hate exercise. But I have to be strong. I have to remember another motto I heard once "it's not easy... it's not fun... it's worth it!"

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Six-Degrees of Separation
I know people who "know" people. Yeah... that's right. I'm cool. This is a picture of Matt Light... offensive lineman & 3-time Superbowl Champion for the New England Patriots. It was taken during team walk throughs before the Super Bowl on Sunday. I found it today on one of my favorite websites: Celebrity Baby Blog. Matt not only played football with my brother at Purdue University... they were also roomies & best friends. My brother even spent the night at Tom Brady's apartment once while in Boston visiting Matt. (O.K... Tom was just a back-up at the time... not the supermodel dating-megastar he is now.) So I know my brother... who knows Matt... who knows Tom... who knows... geez, tons of folks that are famous. And then if you add in Gisele Bundchen (the supermodel girlfriend of Tom)... I bet I'm connected to lots more cool people. And that's how UNcool I am... wasting time caring about this. 'Cause these "cool" folks don't care 2 cents 'bout me! Oh well. It's better than laying in bed, in the fetal position, sucking my thumb & pouting about it being "Super Tuesday" & finding nobody to vote for who will win.

Click HERE to read the Matt Light article from Celebrity Babies.

The Babies are HERE!

Click HERE to see these February beauties.

I Just Can't Do It
Nope... not this year... not this election... I just don't have it in me. Historically, I get real fired up about Presidential Elections. I put bumper stickers on my mom-mobile... I put a sign in my yard... I vote early so I can wear my "I VOTED" sticker around town all day. But this go 'round is different. I'm INdifferent. I'm in a political rut. My guy isn't going to win & I don't have the energy to fight AGAINST the "enemy"... so I'm just quitting. I don't plan to vote today. I am registered to vote... but I didn't even care enough to find out where I'm supposed to go.... 'cause I'm not going. I feel powerless. I'm uninspired. I'm watching this one from the sidelines.

Monday, February 4, 2008

My Niece
To Say
Look-a-here... see that cute little hand in the picture... that's just my new little niece "Elis" waving hello to all you out there in cyberland. Ain't she cute? My baby sister Nancy isn't due to give birth for another... what does it say down on the right??? If baby Elis is 1/2 as cute as her big brother she'll be mighty fine indeed! Can't wait to meet you & hold that little hand in my own!


Our house is full of football fans. We like SEC College Football the best... but post-season NFL is pretty exciting as well. Last night was exciting for our little group of fans. We decided against Superbowl Party invites to just stay home & root for the underdog Giants on our own. The Superbowl did NOT disappoint. It was a nailbiter... and we were HAPPY with the outcome. Even though part of me was sad for the Patriots missing the opportunity to make history with a 19-0 undefeated season... I was thrilled to see, little brother to Peyton, Eli Manning excel to Superbowl MVP after coming through with the Victory! And as much as I was poo-pooing the half-time act, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers... it turned out to be a great show too... I liked it! So today begins the six month hiatus The Money Maker will take from his football addiction. Perhaps I can get him going on some home improvement projects or helping me prepare for Lilly or going on a diet or .... the list is too long. Anyhoo... CONGRATS again to the Giants (like any of them are reading this) for ignoring the press, hype & speculation and playing with enough skill & determination to come out on top!

Friday, February 1, 2008

in the Air
Rumor has it that US agencies are expecting referrals today or Monday. What will the cut-off be? Rumor has it that DECEMBER 27th is IN... but not necessarily the cut-off. If that's true... it's quite possible this time next month we could be sitting on pins & needles waiting for our long-awaited phone call.