Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tomorrow's October... waiting for new babies!
Tomorrow is October 1st and so far there are no substantial rumors that October's babies are on their way to the U.S. The CCAA will be on holiday until the 8th, so those referrals better be in the mail if they're going to arrive this week. I'm going to bet that the cut off is going to be November 30th... what another pathetic month... but I don't know that for sure. At least the good news is that November families will finally be completely matched and the CCAA can now work on December... which they've rumored to already begun... but the reasons why they haven't been mailed is for another post. We'll see what this week brings.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Listen to your friends

A friend that I work with from time to time asked me Thursday... "Have you tried those new Ashley Judd jeans?" "Ashely Judd Jeans??? Never heard of 'em," I replied. "Where do you get those?" "At Goody's," she said. "GOODY'S??? Really?" I'm not a big Goody's shopper... even though now that I think of it... my daughter & I each found cute bathing suits there this summer. So maybe I should shop there more. Anyway... back to the jeans. "Yeah... you gotta go to Goody's," my friend urged me... "the sales lady said she hasn't had one customer not love those jeans. I got me a pair and they're awesome!"

Huh... I thought. Jeans are about as hard to fit this pot-bellied body of mine as a bathing suit. "I think I'm going to find me a Goody's and try 'em on," I say to myself. So yesterday, the kiddos & I headed out to get Baby #1 a bathing suit for her 1st swim meet today, and after we selected to team colored suit in the right size, I piled 'em all back in the car & headed to Goody's. The Ashley Judd jeans aren't with the other jeans. They're in a separate "Ashley Judd" section... along with sweaters, shirts, slacks & shoes. The first thing I noticed was that they come in "L" for long. At almost 6 feet tall, I benefit from longer pants. So, away to the dressing room me & the kiddos went. I admit... I was very skeptical... jeans are just hard for big girls like me. It's much easier to buy cute pants when your a size 4 not a _____... I'm not going to tell you that! Well, by golly my friend was right. Those jeans felt good from Moment #1. They looked good from Moment #1. "I like these jeans," I told the kids... "No... I think I love these jeans!" And at $39.50 they're affordable. And being at Goody's you KNOW they're going to go on sale.

So be like me, and listen to me... your new friend. Find a Goody's and try the Ashley Judd Jeans. They also come in short & average lengths and I think 3 different colors. I hope you like 'em as much as I do.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hannah Update:

Total Insanity

A good friend of mine saw my earlier Hannah Montana post and emailed me to suggest I look at Craig's List to see what they had available for concert tickets. What I saw there made me drop my teeth! $4,000.00 for 4 tickets... that's $1,000 a piece. Are these people nuts? I want to know who's gonna buy those and are they nuts? Do they realize there are starving children who could eat for a decade on $1,000.00??? Do they realize $1,000.00 could pay for books for a semester of college? Maybe I just don't understand the concert ticket industry. Heck, I was in college before I went to my first concert & it was a washed up Duran Duran gig in Jacksonville, Florida. For $4,000.00 my daughter better get to spend the day with sweet 'lil Miley and Papa Billy Ray better cook us dinner!

The New Beatles?
My daughter, like many 8 year-old American girls, likes Hannah Montana (a.k.a Miley Cyrus.) Likes the show, likes the CD, likes the clothes. She wants to be Hannah Montana for Halloween. So recently I saw that Hannah Montana is coming to Atlanta in concert right after Thanksgiving. "Ohhh... maybe an early Christmas present for my little wannabe," I thought. So, I got on TicketMaster and browsed for tickets, unable to get 4 together. "Wow! This must be more popular than I thought." I sighed. Well, would you believe I got on eBay today and tickets for the Atlanta show are going for almost $1,200.00 a pair. TWELVE HUNDRED, HARD EARNED DOLLARS!!! These kids aren't earning that kind of cash babysitting or walking dogs, Moms & Dads are buying these tickets. For the 1,200.00 auction that ends in two hours there are already 25 bids... who knows what the winner will end up paying! People are fighting to pay that much money to see this girl. I'd have to sell my mom-mobile to pay for the tickets and then wouldn't be able to get there! Unbelievable. Guess my darling daughter will have to settle for the "Hannah Montana: IN CONCERT" DVD in her stocking instead of the real deal!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Things that make you

go "Hmmmmm..."

Right now there are no rumors about the next batch of referrals swirling around, so the Chinese adoption circle is all abuzz about a very perplexing mystery. Apparently, there is a US Adoption Agency that has a special relationship with the CCAA in which they receive their referrals earlier... much earlier... than other US agencies & their families. This "Mystery" Agency reportedly has recently received referrals for their families up until February 14, 2006. That's 6 weeks past our LID (log-in-date.) So... what do we make of this?

1. That's just the way it goes sometimes, especially dealing with a country who doesn't really care what we think. They've got something we want and they know it.

2. Too bad I didn't do more research and sign with that agency. (Kidding... kinda.)

3. I don't get mad, until I read reports that some waiting families with this agency are upset & angry that they've been exposed. Well, sorry sister... get in line with the rest of us. No one is entitled to special treatment in this long, miserable line... including YOU!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Eat Out Tomorrow

Tomorrow, MONDAY, September 24th, Chili's restaurant is donating 100% of it's profits to St. Jude's Children's Hospital. 100%. Click below for the article.

St. Jude's is an awesome place for those battling childhood cancers & other terminal diseases. They do good things and Chili's is doing an AWESOME and selfless thing to raise money for them. Lunch or dinner... you pick... but go find a Chili's and pig out... even order dessert!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Third time a charm?
Yesterday morning, Todd & I travel FOR THE THIRD TIME to the USCIS Application Support Center in Atlanta to be fingerprinted. Todd asked "What do ya'll do with these fingerprints." The girl answered, "the FBI runs them and if you're not a criminal we pass them along to the Adoption Unit for the reason you've requested and then discard them. If you're a criminal... we come find you." Well, the good news is they've never come to find us. The bad news is, they've discarded them twice before and so we've had to pay ($70 a pop... each!) and go back two additional times since they're only valid for 15 months and we've been at this adoption for about 36 months.

Puchase #1: Diaper Bag
I love to shop. I love to shop for clothes. Clothes for me... clothes for my girls... clothes for my son... even clothes for Todd- not that ever happens 'cause he's cheap & he's picky. Anyway, I've been dying for 3 years now to shop for Miss Lilly, but because we don't know how big she'll be, I have resisted. And it's been hard. But no matter how many pounds she weighs, she will need a diaper bag and that's my first official "I'm expecting a new baby!!!!" purchase. It's Vera Bradley's microfiber babybag... and it looks very posh on the inside... cool black-n-cream swirls. Did I make the right choice? Should I have gone for something totally girlie? Pink polka dots, toile & grosgrain ribbon? I'm still having second thoughts... but this was a great deal thanks to Aunt Nancy fighting crowds at the VB sale at the Cobb Galleria and with the $$$ I saved, I can buy clothes!

Monday, September 17, 2007

This past weekend we took a quick vacation to the beach. One of the great benefits of having a Grandmother who owns a condo on the Gulf is being able to enjoy these weekend escapades without a lot of planning & for free! So after the kids get off the bus on Friday... away we go. Saturday is beautiful. The water's warm... the breeze is just right... the sun is shining. We gotta cooler of brewskies... the kids have boogie boards... life is indeed good. Well, I'm glad that day was good, 'cause today ain't too peachy. I think I'm in the first level of hell. I'm sunburned. Bad. And I'm in pain.
We started out at the pool while waiting for Dad to come down and join us. I flipped through a magazine during the wait. Once on the beach, Dad sets up the beach umbrella and I sit outside of it a little while longer... I want to get some "color." Well, call me stupid. By the time I got myself settled under the umbrella for the rest of the day the damage was done. "Ohh," I remark... "I'm a little pink" touching a finger to my chest. Oh well... I wasn't out there that long was I??? People... dermatologist recommend sunscreen for a reason. The sun... you know that big, orange, hot thing in the sky... it BURNS! Well, I do know this so I lathered down my kids... marked up their faces with the Neutrogena sunscreen stick I love so much... even made my son put on a t-shirt after a couple hours. I survived 10 days in the Florida Keys this summer without a sunburn. I've been on a dozen southern lakes boating & sea-doing during the past 3 months without a burn. So what went wrong this past weekend? I'm not quite sure. Don't know exactly what I was thinking... guess I wasn't. All I know is that I'm an itchy, red lobster who just wants to chug a bottle of Benadryl and sleep for the next 48 hours! But since "Mom Duty" prevails, I'll just be glad this burn isn't as bad as some others I've survived during other moments of sunscreen oblivion:
1.) Snow skiing Spring Break my senior year in high school. I literally couldn't stand to touch my face. Birthing my children didn't hurt that bad.
2.) Tanning bed accident. Thought I'd be glamorous & tan without a top on. I fried my boobies so badly they practically shriveled up in two small puffs of smoke. Todd & I went to the Talledega Nascar race that weekend... it took all the strength I could muster to put on a bra to go to the track... even though I could've fit it without one on!
Gotta go... time for another Aloe Vera application!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Protecting our Families
Someone passed this website on to me a while ago and I checked it the other day. You put in your address or zip code and it will show you where registered sex offenders live in your area... what they were convicted of... and give you their picture & stats. It's a sad fact in our society that no matter where you live, there are going to be creeps close by. I LOVE this site because it arms us with knowledge to help us protect our families.
National Sex Offender Registry

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Fun Lessons to Learn
Yesterday, was a fun day. I love fall. For one, I can't wait for it to cool down, but being in the South, I really will have to wait close to winter for it to really cool down. I love fall because of all the great festivals & fairs. Seems like around our great state each fall weekend you can find a fair to go to. Yesterday, my fun friend Vanessa & I started the season by attending the Yellow Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain Park. Oh... there's nothing I like more than walking around all day and looking & shopping for neat stuff. I got a Chinese man to paint Lilly's name in calligraphy. Van & I laughed because we wondered if he wrote "Yo mama's ugly" since it was obvious we didn't read Chinese. I found a neat painted wooden plaque for Lilly's nursery that says "Always Kiss Me Goodnight"... I love it... I got my daughter Emily a pocketbook with "I love Troy" embroidered on it, since she's head over heels for Troy Bolton from HSM2 (High School Musical Two for those of ya'll from another planet.) I found the featured artist had prints of a little "Asian Fairy" with ladybug wings... and another print called "Spirit of Adoption" that America World Adoption Association actually commissioned her to paint for their Christmas cards one year. I bought both of those. There were so many neat booths I could've spent two days browsing and buying. Thank goodness for my pocketbook, I didn't. But, even though it was a blast, I could've improved on the experience. Here's the lessons I learned and you may benefit from if you enjoy fairing it on fall weekends like I do.
#1- Wear tennis shoes. My Teva sandals are my favorite, but I looked like a disciple from the Bible by 6:30 and understood why it was always customary for them to wash someone's feet when they came into their home. My feet were gross. Comfortable, but gross.
#2- Bring a backpack. I got really sick of toting shopping bags and my wrists got sore from shifting them there. Next time, I'll wear a pack on my back and shove all my purchases in there.
#3- Do not buy bulky items until the end of the day. I carried around that blasted "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" sign for hours. Big mistake. I should've either paid & asked them to hold it for me or just waited and circled around again. Great purchase... bad timing.
So, there are my Top 3 Lessons Learned from Yellow Daisy 2007. I'll keep them in mind when I head to the Cotton Pickin' Fair in October. Maybe I'll see you there!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Here come the babies!

Click HERE to be directed to the list of blogs boasting this month's BABIES! More will be added as agencies continue to make phone calls today & tomorrow, informing new parents of their little ones. ENJOY!

Monday, September 3, 2007

I'm not surprised.
Well, I knew there was no reason to push the panic button. If a rumor seems too good to be true... it ALWAYS is. The lucky families... November 22-25, 2005... will have to wait for the observance of Labor Day to be over & the mail to start running tomorrow, to find out about their new little ones. Big CONGRATULATIONS to those moms & dads! (Thanks RQ for the pic.)

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Referrals on their way???
September's referrals are rumored to be on their way to the States. Due to the long holiday weekend, it would be Tuesday before agencies would start receiving their packages and calling families. Rumors for this month's cut-off date are all over the place. Worst case: November 24th. Best case: into December. I have to say, that when I read that they perhaps began matching December families, my stomach flipped and then flopped. I've been putting this baby so far on the back burner for so long and the possibility that we're getting really close, almost made me panic. But, I won't press the button completely until we have a cut-off confirmation. Have a nice holiday everyone!