Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Will she stay or will she go?
Baby #1, who will be 10 by the time we travel to China, is dying to go with us to pick up her sister. She's a good girl. A very good girl, and would be an excellent traveler & helper with the new baby. We haven't given her a solid "yes," and we haven't told her "no." But, if it were me, I'd probably let her go. It would be the trip of a lifetime... how many 10 year olds have been on a 2 week trip to China? There are some factors though to consider. 1.) Missing 2-3 weeks of school. 2.) Money. If we can easily use our FF miles... no problem. 3.) Her dad & I have never travelled internationally. I'm worried about keeping myself safe & healthy, plus getting to know Baby #4, without having to worry about the health & safety of Baby #1. What if she got horrible diarrhea for 5 days? What if she's throwing up constantly? What is she gets lost? Factor #3 probably is my greatest hesitation. ANYHOO... we got her passport photos taken yesterday, just in case. She's terribly excited and we'll have tormented her horribly if she turns out staying here, but we needed to be prepared & so the passport is in the works.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Waiting on Homeland Security
Not too much is new on the rumor front... this is the time of the month when rumors are swirling that will turn out to be false. We're probably a good 10 days away from referrals arriving. In the meantime, I'm waiting for USCIS (that stands for United States Citizenship & Immigration Service) to send me an appointment to be fingerprinted by the FBI for the 3rd time. I sent my "respectful request" to them almost a month ago... received a receipt for my money... but no appointment has arrived. I'm giving them a month and then am gonna start buggin' them about where it is. I should be totally used to all this waiting!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Oh my GOSH...

It's finally HERE!

If you are the parent, grandparent, friend, teacher, cousin, anything... to a kid between the ages of 5 and 12 you gotta know what today is. It's the day these kids have been dreaming about and anticipating ALL SUMMER LONG! Tonight is the debut of High School Musical 2 on Disney Channel and my kids could not be more pumped. I can't think of anything that could lure them away from being glued to the tube at 8 o'clock. So... you know where we'll be!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fast Facts

I found this information today on the Adoptive Families Magazine website... go to http://www.adoptivefamilies.com/ to see more.

Number of Adoptions from China:
2006: 6,493 (This is very interesting remembering that according to the RQ, in November 2005... the month that the CCAA is currently matching... about 6000 dossiers were logged in during that single month. That is almost as many as were adopted in 2006 TOTAL!)
2005: 7,906
2004: 7,044
2003: 6,859
2002: 5,053
Age/Gender of Children Adopted From China in 2005
Source: INS Immigration Statistics
95% Female (so when people ask me if we're sure we're getting a girl... the answer is actually more than 95% yes, because I'm sure of the 5% that were boys... a good many were Special Needs and not seemingly "healthy" males randomly matched through the Non-Special Needs program.)
35% under 1 year of age
62% 1 – 4 years of age

Friday, August 10, 2007

10 Pounds of

Summer Fun

Summer is over. Even though it's a million degrees outside, the kiddos are back in school and the summertime fun has "officially" ended. Before getting in the shower the other morning I horrifically discovered that I had gained 10 pounds over the summer. 10 pounds of summer fun. Let's see how that happened:
*Too many roasted marshmallows by the camp fire
*Too many fast food stops on the road traveling and commuting to & from summer camps
*Too many DQ blizzards on hot summer afternoons
*Too many desserts at summertime cook-outs
*Too many delicious camp breakfastes, complete with bacon, sausage and syrupy pancakes
*Too many "cold ones," margaritas & "Pirate's Painkillers" on vacation
So now, I get to do what I hate the most... work out & lose weight. I hate working out. Hate it. I have those friends who relax by taking a jog. I have those friends who find exercise stress relieving. I find sitting on the couch, eating a brownie sundae & watching TV relaxing. But no more of that. I gotta dig my treadmill key out of the "junk" drawer and get going trading in my summertime fun bootie so I'll be able to squeeze in my clothes in the fall. Wish me luck!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

One Smart Cookie
I have not idea who the Rumor Queen is. I'm sure someone does. But, what I do know is that she spends a butt load of time collecting, analyzing and computing tons of information each day relating to referrals and Chinese Adoption. I sure hope someone is paying her. Anyway, she came out earlier this week with the following chart (see left) with her latest analytical equation on how referrals will likely play out over the next year or so. Now, for those of us who are especially interested in our LID month... JANUARY '06... we can see that we most likely will see a referral around the first of the year, 2008. That's about what I thought too... not that I put an 1/8 of the effort into calculating as Smart Cookie (a.k.a. Rumor Queen) does. We have an early Jan. LID... the 5th... so perhaps we could squeeze into January's referrals. If not, we would be a shoo-in for February. Travel would be approximately 2 months after referral. All of this information comes with the highest possible warning: it's subject to change at any time. The process we're involved in is highly unpredictable and the information above could be tossed in the trash at a moment's notice. Things could go either way... faster, or more likely slower, any month. The info. presented is based upon what the CCAA has done in the recent past, and if they continue on that pattern in the future.

Monday, August 6, 2007

So irritating.
I first learned about "The Duggars" when I came across a TV show called "14 and Pregnant" and the Discovery Health Channel and the title caught my attention. It turns out it was a show about "The Duggars" and at the time they had 14 kids and she was pregnant with number 15. I saw a "news" headline last week that she just gave birth to #17. Somebody stop this woman! Oh and her super-stud husband Jim Bob. 'Cmon!!! These parents irritate me so much. How in THE WORLD do you... YOU... not your other 16 children... raise 17 children. I'm sure after this photo was taken for the press, Michelle passed that pink bundle off to one of the others and after picking her uterus up off the floor, started dreaming about her next ego trip... #18. She actually said that.... "we'd like to have more kids!" Those kids raise each other. And have you seen their disgusting grocery list... thousands of pounds of tater-tots, hundred of pounds of Crisco... A WEEK! Not that anyone cares what I think... but with THE MILLIONS of orphans... yes, MILLIONS of children in the world WITH NO ONE... why in the name of Mary would some body have 17 children. O.K... have 10 and adopt 7. Have 8 and adopt 9. That Jim Bob is seeing $$$$$$$$ and cashing in at the expense of his wife's reproductive system (not to mention, can you imagine what her boobs look like when she weans one???) And she's just as bad. She's not a "mommy"... she's an administrator. She's runs that house like a factory... and instead of raising, nurturing, cooking for, washing for, playing with, loving her kids... she's telling her little army of peons how to do it for her... then hoppin' in the sack with Super Stud to have another to get more attention, more bookings, more publicity, more cash, more! more! more! More irritating is what it is... if you ask me and you didn't... so I'll hush.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Back-to-School Tradition
I can remember my mom taking me back-t0-school shopping when I was a kid. Todd remembers his dad taking him, while his mom took his sisters. It's a tradition probably old as school itself. Well... maybe not. It's the tradition of the modern free-market society where advertisers and marketing masterminds lure us to the shopping malls with tax-free weekends and monster sales. Well, call me a sucker... I'm in. Me and the girls are hitting the North Georgia Outlets tomorrow with my sister-in-law and her kids. We're coming out of our homeschool hibernation and sending the kids back to "real" school next week... and along with going back to school is back to school shopping. It'll be fun, and I'll love seeing the girls bring in all their bags and look at all their stuff like I use to do. So if, like us, you're a Georgian and taking advantage of the tax-free weekend... travel safe & happy shopping!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

August Babies are HERE!
Families logged in from NOVEMBER 15-NOVEMBER 21, 2005 received their referrals today! How happy they must be! Included in this batch of babies are rumored to be several sets of twins and as many as SIX boys!
Click HERE for links to the blogs of many of these new parents. One day it's gonna be us!
Houston... we have a PROBLEM!

The day started as usual. I woke up... traveled downstairs and made my coffee when I discovered a nice brown roach... belly up... dead on my kitchen floor. Eeek! But whew... glad he's dead. I get my coffee and plop down on the couch to make a to-do list for the day when I hear a small scratching noise behind me. Holy mother-of-pearl... a LIVE roach... right behind my ear... uh... I might throw up!. So I run for the kitchen and a wad of paper towels and kill & dispose of the roach #2. Well, no sooner had I returned to the couch to collect my list when another big mama roach crawls out of my couch! Now, I admit... I'm not winning any gold medals for house keeping. But I suffer a messiness disorder... not a dirtiness disorder... and this is an INVASION! So back to the kitchen and a new wad of paper towels. This time the roach is a little more tricky and he escapes me. Back into the couch he goes. Sick! So I head to the garage and the bug killer. And I spray and I spray and I spray. The couch... the floor... the outlets... and in the kitchen ANOTHER dead roach. You gotta be kidding me!!! Now I'm not only nauseous... I'm baffled. Why have we not seen a roach in months and this morning... 4 in the span of minutes. So, after I get home from the dentist with all 3 kiddos (that should be a treat) I'm gonna put on my armor and kill me some more roaches. There are some things this mama just cannot tolerate!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Waiting for Referrals
It's now August. Time for those August referrals to arrive in the mail. Rumors are swirling and leaning heavily in favor of November 21st being the cut-off date for this batch. It's said that November 22, 2005 was a HUGE day... with an enormous number of dossiers logged in that single day. I wonder how much farther past the 22nd they'll get in September if the 21st is indeed the cut-off for August. Fly little referrals fly... let's see what whatcha got!