Friday, June 29, 2007

The Race is ON!

Well, I got me a new racing partner. My sister has just found out she's pregnant with Baby #3... due in February. With the rate that referrals are currently coming in, it is quite possible that I could lose AGAIN! If I was totally honest, I do think we'll have our referral by February (I know I just jinxed myself) but whether we'll be home with Lilly... arrrg... that's seeming highly unlikely.
But, nevertheless, a big CONGRATS to my fabulous & funny sister & her family. The more cousins the better!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Home again, home again!

Well, we're back. Whew... vacations are hard work. This one was no different and I have lots of stories to tell of our 800 mile journey to the Keys and back. But tonight I have laundry coming out of my ears & being a laundry fanatic... I cannot ignore it's call and must do loads & loads.
No new rumors on the Adoption Front... no shocker there.
See ya'll in the morning! It's good to be home!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tomorrow we leave for 10 days of R & R in the Florida Keys. Last year was our first time ever being in the Keys & we fell in love. This year we've convinced two other families to come with us for the whole ten days and a third family will come for a long weekend. Hope it lives us to our hype. I think it's supposed to be rainier this year than last... which is just my luck... I sit at home where the entire state's dried up like a raisin and go on vacation & get a 60% chance of rain everyday... great! I found some cross stitch patterns of Chinese words: Faith, Love, Family that should keep me busy if we're stuck inside.
I don't expect the new batch of referrals until AFTER the Fourth of July. And last month I rode the rumor rollercoster for so long I was green.
Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there... and to those waiting Dads, an extra big wish & a prayer that you'll have your daughter next June!

Monday, June 11, 2007


in the Trash

"O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good;

For His lovingkindness is everlasting."

Psalm 107:1

We don't have trash service anymore. Todd has a truck and there's a dump station 2 miles from our house, so he saves the $15.00 a month and hauls it off himself. Yesterday afternoon, on our way to Atlanta, we took our trash... about 4 bags & an old blue cooler. The compactor was broken so the attendant just had us stack our bags next to the dumpster. There were a couple other bags, but not a whole lot... must have just broken in the morning. We were amazed when we returned from our trip to the "Big City" how much garbage had accumulated during the rest of the afternoon... bags everywhere. Well on home we go.
About 9:30, I'm tired... ready to go to bed. Todd asked me for a check he had received in the mail the week before. Oh yeah... the check. He had asked me for it over the phone several times, he wanted me to open it & see how much it was for. I remembered it coming in the mail, but COULD NOT remember what I did with it. Todd, who's normally pretty laid back & easy going is NOT happy with me. So I start looking. By midnight, I'm totally exasperated and drag my 14-year-old nephew in the car & drive to the dump. I must've thrown it away... I can't find it anywhere. Well, shocker... the dump's closed. So I come home, set my alarm to be back at the dump at 7 a.m. and pray myself to sleep... pleading & BEGGING God to help me find that check. Todd leaves at 5:30 a.m. to go to work. Last thing is says "are you going to the dump?" Yes. I'm up with the early bird and at the dump by 7:04. Trash still sitting in piles next to the broken compactor. I go to our dump site & start digging. I find two bags easy. Sheesh... ants EVERYWHERE! Ugggg... maggots... I might throw up! "I can't do this," I say to myself, but the image of Todd's angry face keeps me digging. Finally, at the bottom of the pile, the last two bags. Off I go to my driveway, where I sit and start opening up my reclaimed trash bags. And there... in Bag #2... Glory be to God... is Todd's check for $25,000.00. Yes, that's right. I had thrown away a check for 25 THOUSAND DOLLARS! He has a demolition company, (Metro Demolition Co. if anyone needs something torn down:) and that was his paycheck... from which he pays his workers, pays the rental company, buys fuel and feeds our babies. If that trash compactor had not been broken that check would've been long gone. But God in His goodness & provision... let me learn a good lesson about being careful with other people's things... through a smelly, icky dump and bags of trash.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Below is an email I received tonight...

"Your 28-Month-Old"
My Preschooler This Month

Hello from BabyCenter! While your child is developing better motor skills these days — stacking blocks, turning pages, even standing on one foot — she may not have as good a grip on her emotions. At this age, she's still prone to a fair amount of pushing, yelling, and throwing tantrums at the drop of a hat. When she's upset, remind her that talking gets better results than acting out. And remember to praise her when she makes an effort to communicate with words.
Read more about your
28-month-old's development
Quick Clicks
Tool of the month:
Toilet Training Readiness Checklist
Dealing with
late-night visits from your child
Why kids bite and what to do about it
BabyCenter Store:
Shop for potty-training help

When we first decided to adopt Baby #4, I was looking on-line one night for baby name meanings. My search led me to, where I had to put in my email address to register on their website & access their information. The registration asked me some simple questions... one of those being when my baby was "due." We had just started paperchasing so I figured a 6 month paperchase, a 6 month wait... put me about a year out from my "due date," so I put in the registration form that I was just pregnant... to give me the latest "due date" possible. Well, ever since that night... each month I receive emails from The subjects lines always read things such as: "Your 3rd Month of Pregnancy" or "Almost time for Baby" or "Your Newborn," "Your 6-Month Old" or "Baby Turns 1." Well, can you even believe that tonight I got my monthly email from BabyCenter, and the subject line is tonight's blog title... "Your 28-Month Old." 28 stinkin' months... and that's not even counting the 9 months I was "pregnant".... 28 + 9 = 37. 37 stinkin' months... 37 MONTHS now I've been pregnant! 37 MONTHS I've been waiting to go to China & bring Lilly home! 37 MONTHS my children have been waiting & wondering about their new sister. 37 months ago Tate wasn't even 3. For practically his whole life... as long as he can remember, for goodness sake, he's had this mystery sister in China. I gotta get on and figure out how to de-register myself from that blasted site... tonight's well-meaning email was the final straw! It hit me like a ton of bricks for some reason. Here I sit... absolutely no clue when I'll get my baby who is supposed to be 28-months old!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Look at this Story:

5 Infants found in the back of a stolen car in China: 2 Girls, 3 Boys

Thursday, June 7, 2007

6 Days Closer

June Referrals have arrived from China. They matched families who were logged in Nov. 2- Nov. 7, 2005. We're officially under the 2 month mark now... guess that's good news? Go HERE to see some of the beautiful new babies who have made some waiting parents VERY HAPPY! Oh... and our agency received 8 referrals yesterday... 7 girls and 1 BOY... so yes, it does happen! (Thanks RQ for the pic.)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I've done it again!

It's summertime. But, as usual, my minivan-momobile is burning up the streets of LaGrange getting the kiddos to their summertime destination: CAMP! Ohhh... I bet my mom is so mad. Her one word of wisdom to me is always: SIMPLIFY. But, I've rebelled in typical childlike fashion and overbooked, overscheduled our summer thus far. Taken on too many projects, started too many different new things and have every single one of the weeks of summer booked with a camp, lesson or vacation. I start working on summer right after Christmas. It's like the kids will die of boredom if they're not going! going! going! Or, more likely I think they'll miss out on something so fun, or so beneficial to their future that I won't be able to forgive myself. I can just hear a college basketball scout saying "Carli just isn't quite good enough to give her a scholarship... you should've sent her to summer basketball camp!" Or, "Tate could've made the Olympic swimming team if you'd only pushed him a little harder and enrolled in swim lessons at age 5." So off the couch they go... and on to camp full of concentrated fun & education. And they do have fun. I'm the one stuck in the van hearing "Home" by Chris Daughtry for the millionth time on the radio!