Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Third time was NOT a charm!!!
As suspected, 10:30 yesterday came & went... as did Todd's THIRD appointment to start his Hep A & B combo series. I don't even think it crossed his mind... maybe it's not that big a deal???

Friday, January 26, 2007


Today the kids and I took a trip to get my last Hep A & B vaccine for my trip to China. Todd, in his usual style, has waited until the last minute and asked me to make him an appointment for his first round. I made 2 previous appointments for him to begin the 3 shot series, which takes 6 months to complete, and both times he's cancelled. Will he cancel this third time? Perhaps the third time will be the charm!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Chinese Adoption is:
Back in the News
From the New York Times "Opinion" section today.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


We're American Idol addicts. Beginning last night we were plopped on the couch promptly at 8:00 for the 6th season of AI. The favorite part for the kids are the commercials. Each one takes a turn atop the coffee table for their "mock audition" after which each of us on the couch says "yes" or "no" to them going to Hollywood. It's a funny, silly family time that's become tradition in our home. Each year I think to myself "Ya know... it's a long time until the winner is crowned in May... what if I started a diet now... how much could I lose by the time we find out who wins?" I don't need to lose 100 pounds but I'd sure like to take off 20-25 (see the 1/7/07 pregnant post) and be in optimal shape for my trip to China. So this year I'm gonna try it. Beginning tomorrow (I've already downed 2 bowls of Peanut Butter Cookie Dough ice cream today) I'm gonna give it a try.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

We moved back to Georgia 19 months ago but not until this afternoon did I complete the final step in making myself an "official" Georgian once again. I got my Georgia driver's license. After being pulled over a half dozen times (only 2 tickets... darn those back county roads) resulting in many chastisments by local & state law officials for not changing my license within 30 days of moving... and since my Florida license expired last month on my birthday... and since tomorrow I'm driving a carload of supplies & friend for scrapbook weekend... I figured it was time to get my Georgia license. And after waiting for AN HOUR & 25 MINUTES and being shuffled from line to line... I remembered quickly why I put off the dreaded task for as long as I did. It was a "peach" of a pain!!!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Girls "Scrapbook Weekend" is still 2 days away but I'm so excited I'm going to post about it already. Ahhhh... 4 nights/ 5 days... no hubby, no kids, no dog, no cleaning, no make-up... just good friends laughing, girl talk, junk food, celebrity gossip, and scapping! It's a BLAST!!! I am a weenie though... I talk real big about not being able to wait to "get away"- to take vacation from being "Mommy"... but by Friday night I'll be missing the little cuties... phoning them and asking if they miss me too (which they WON'T... they're camping w/ dad and friends) and calling them all their little pet names like "Punkin' Pie" and "Sweety Peety." But for now I'm super stoked and can't wait for GIRLS SCRAP '07!!!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Do I look 1 YEAR PREGNANT???
Well, we've officially been "pregnant on paper" for over 1 year. Last year on January 5th, we got those magical 3 letters: LID. I don't look like I've been pregnant for a year... I look like I need to finally get my arse in shape and lose those last 5 (10, 15 or 20) pounds of baby weight I put on with babies 1, 2 & 3. We probably have around 9 months to wait until our referral so perhaps I'll resolve to lose 30 pounds with this "pregnancy" instead of the usual gain. Whatcha think???

Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Families logged in 9-9-05 thru 9-28-05 are receiving phone calls about their new babies!!! What a happy day for those families. Good news is that the CCAA matched 19 days this month... 5 more days than they've been doing recently... the norm has been hovering around 14 days. Keep it up CCAA... and we'll be meeting our little Chinese bundle this summer!

Monday, January 1, 2007

Whew! What a crazy holiday season! My kids are totally exhausted... I don't think my house will ever be the same... and we have one more family get together today. Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007!
A little New Year's Story:When we started the adoption back in the summer of 2004, I naturally antcipated traveling to get the baby in 2005. So when I needed a password or user ID, I chose "Chinain2005." Well, we didn't travel in 2005. So in 2005 when I needed a new password/ user ID I chose "Chinain2006." Guess what? We didn't travel to China this past year. So now, I'm totally spooked and WILL NOT be using "Chinain2007" as a password for any new registries this year. I'll choose something like "Waitingfor4" or "Gimmemybaby."
Wishing everyone good health and safety in 2007!